Criquet Food: Delicious High Protein Cake from Jangkrik Flour by IPB University Students

Criquet Food: Delicious High Protein Cake from Jangkrik Flour by IPB University Students


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Along with the growth of the world's population, alternative sources of protein are needed that are suitable to meet daily protein needs. There are many alternative sources of protein that can be consumed by humans, including insects.

Insects are known as animals that are rich in protein and have the potential to be an alternative source of animal protein. So far the insects that have been used as a source of animal protein are grasshoppers. However, who would have thought, it turns out that other insects such as crickets are also a potential source of animal protein. An example is Criquet Food which is made from the ingredients of cricket flour.

Natassa Kusumawardany, IPB University student from the Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture has succeeded in turning cricket flour into delicious cakes that are rich in protein. The work of Natassa was given the name Criquet Food.

"There are two products, crackers and cakes. For Criquet crackers, there are four flavors, original, garlic, cheddar cheese and sweet chocolate, "said Natassa.

He added, there are six variants of the taste of criquet cakes, namely original, chocolate, strawberry, greentea, grapes and melons.

The advantages of this Criquet Food, Natassa continued, are foods that are high in protein, rich in antioxidants, contain amino acids, fatty acids, omega 3 and 6 and are low in calories and without preservatives.

"With these ingredients, criequet crackers and criequet cakes can be consumed by all age groups. Not only for cake lovers, but for children, teenagers, parents, and even sportsmen can also consume this cake, "said Natassa.

Until now, the cake made from cricket flour has received various awards, such as the recipient of the Beginning Young Entrepreneur grant from the Ministry of Youth and Sports in 2018, the recipient of the grant in the Entrepreneurial Student program in 2018, the 1st winner of the 2018 National Animal Husbandry Business Model Canvas, the champion 3 Business Idea Non Student Creativity Program (Non-PKM) competitions in 2019, and two years in a row were awarded the Faculty of Agriculture Agripreneur IPB University.

This Criquet Food sale was not only on the island of Java, Natassa admitted that those interested in Criquet Food were from Lampung, Medan, Aceh, Kalimantan and other places.

"I hope, Criquet Food can be an alternative high-protein food that can be enjoyed by all people. With Criquet Food, we also try to introduce to the public that insects such as crickets can be used as delicious food for consumption, "concluded Natassa. (NR)


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