SSC of IPB facilitates Services for IPB Students

SSC of IPB facilitates Services for IPB Students


For the ease and speed of services related to students, now the IPB University has a Student Service Center (SSC) located near Andi Hakim Nasoetion Building, Dramaga Campus, Bogor. There are approximately 24 services that can be facilitated and will be developed according to the needs of students.

Head of IPB Communication Bureau, Ir. Yatri Indah Kusumastuti, MSi said that SSC of IPB is one of the units in IPB which purpose is to provide maximum services with the desired public service standards. IPB wants to provide good, friendly, fast and comfortable services. Thus, students will be more enthusiastic in going through the learning process at IPB.

“In addition, this is a realization of the government’s suggestion to carry out bureaucratic reform policies (through Kemenristekdikti) that provide direction that every university must provide integrated services. This is also a quick-win facility that must be implemented immediately. Currently, students become the focus to be served, because they are the most affected stakeholders. In the future, we will develop services for lecturers and education staff,” she said.

According to her, there are challenges in the presence of the SSC. SSC is demanded to provide the best service when the number of applicants continues to increase. This is what must be anticipated. IPB prepares a better system. In the future, all requests will be made online via e-mail to

“To request and retrieve documents, students can do it from a boarding house or a lecture room. There will be a notification to the e-mail that says that the requested document is complete. This online service can certainly save time both on the student and the service staff sides,” she added.

Regarding this online service, the Head of the Information Services and Internal Relations Sub Division, Aris Solikhah, S.TP, MM said the same thing. “In the future, students can just send an e-mail to SSC. Wherever the students are, as long as they are connected to the internet, they just need to send a request and the documents requested will be processed. Students will take the documents at SSC only after receiving a notification that the documents are ready to be taken,” she said

The formation of the SSC was initiated by the desire of IPB to form an integrated service unit, a unit that provides various services both academically and non-academically. SSC is expected to be able to provide student services ranging from vocational schools, Bachelor’s programs, to postgraduate programs.

“SSC is a service that integrates a variety of services that previously existed in the Directorate of Education Administration and New Student Admissions, Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development, General Directorate of Facilities and Infrastructure, Sports and Arts Units, and so on. In providing services to students, we are assisted by the units involved to do substantial things. The duties of the SSC officers are more into front office services,” she added.

SSC is also intended to integrate IPB front office services. This is part of the efforts of IPB to integrate all services in the SSC. In addition to providing services to students, there are also some parents of prospective students who want to obtain information regarding student admissions at IPB through SSC.

“We both serve the call center and manage e-complaint here. Everyday we serve around 160 to 200 visitors. Most services are related to education administration,” she explained.

When being asked about her impression of the SSC, Shofie, one of the service applicants who is an IPB alumna from the Department of Resource and Environmental Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), said that SSC services were easy and fast. She recently processed legalized copies of her certificate at SSC of IPB.

The services that have been served at SSC of IPB are as follows:

Online Services of Document Provision

1. Active Lecture Letter

2. Certificate of Ever Studying at IPB for the requirement to move to another university

3. KTM Cover Letter

4. Certificate of Receiving a Scholarship

5. Student Assignment Letter

6. Academic License

7. Building Loan

8. Student Health Support Certificate

9. Certificate of Not Receiving Scholarships


Offline services (coming directly)

1. Changes in Student Biodata

2. Reprinting of Student Study Card

3. Minor changes to the Supporting Course

4. Reprinting Transcript

5. Legalized Transcript in Indonesian/English language

6. Taking original Certificate/Transcript

7. Making a Substitute Letter for Certificate

8. Re-registration of Graduation

9. Taking the Toga

10. Making a list of courses that pass for students who resign or drop out.

11. Resetting Password and Changing Password

12. Making an email with the domain

13. Request for verification of data in the Directorate of Higher Education Data

14. Submission of scholarship files

15. IPB Wifi Services of USER ACCESS and Eduroam

16. Invitation to Student Organization Activities

17. Approval of Cover Letter (Ditmawa)

18. Student Assignment Letter

19. Proposal/Proposed Activities/Sponsorship

20. Ratification of Activity Report

21. Activity Certificate Approval

22. Scholarships

– Collection of files

– Selection of files

– Collection of Student Grade Point Average (GPA) files

23. Health Support Program

– Sick students

– Student’s Accident

– Student’s Death

24. BPJS

– BPJS Registration

– Cancellation of BPJS

– Submission of BPJS Refunds

– Moving BPJS Facility

– Making BPJS Card

– Improvement of BPJS Card data

– BPJS Card Collection