A Healthy Diet and Plus or Minus of Extreme Diet for Weight Loss

A Healthy Diet and Plus or Minus of Extreme Diet for Weight Loss


Diet is not for everyone and every purpose. When anyone is on a diet, he needs to keep on maintaining his nutritional needs, limiting energy-rich foods (fats, sugar / simple carbohydrate), increased complex carbohydrate and fibrous foods (vegetables, fruits, cereals and whole grains), mineral water, as well as the quality and food safety. Finally he also should increase his physical activity, hormonal control, and the control of stress and appetite.

This was stated by Professor on Nutrition, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Prof.Dr.Ir. Hardinsyah in Nutrition Fair 2014 at Graha Widya Graduation, Dramaga Campus, on 1 November 2014, in his lecture on Diet Sehat dan Plus-Minus Diet Ekstrim Penurunan Berat Badan (Healthy Diet and the Plus-Minus Extreme Diet for Weight Loss).

Since 2012, the Student Association of Nutritional Sciences (HIMAGIZI) of IPB organized the Nutrition Fair annually. It was organized as a forum or media for a series of scientific and popular nutrition activities to improve awareness of the thousands of academics and community nutrition. Annually, more than 1500 participants involved in this Nutrition Fair.

Agendas for this special event include the national seminar, aerobics and nutrition-themed competitions. This year, HIMAGIZI IPB in cooperation with PERGIZI-PANGAN Indonesian organized the Nutrition Fair 2014, held under the theme Pemenuhan Gizi Harian Berkelanjutan sebagai Upaya Preventif Masalah Gizi menuju Indonesia Sehat (Sustainable Compliance Daily Nutrition as a Preventive Efforts for Nutrition Issues of Healthy  Indonesia).

According to Prof. Hardin, there are ten tips in choosing healthy diet in achieving ideal weight, namely the intention and commitment to change the mindset, understand the holistic problem, weight loss and rational fat, meals time (breakfast, lunch and afternoon), increase water consumption, limitize  sugar, salt and fat intake, appropriate exercises and rest, eating and stress control, and should be thankful to God.

"Dieting without exercise may reduce weight up to 11 kg but the fat will only be  reduced up to 7 kg. If it is balanced with exercises, the fat will be reduced to 9 kg, "said Chairman PERGIZI-FOOD Indonesia.

According to him, there are examples of extreme diet which is not good for health because of the unhealthy potential in the long run. Among other is putri tidur (the sleeping beauty) diet, monotonous one type of low calorie food, diet of cold temperature / high altitude, drinking without no-calorie foods, drinking the urine of pregnant women, excessive exercises, Breatharianism, stomach stapling or ears, alcorexia (Drinking alcohol only), laxatives and so on.

"The popular Diets in Indonesia are Atkins, Vegan and OCD. The Atkins Diet,  the diet involves limited consumption of carbohydrates to switch the body's metabolism from metabolizing glucose as energy over to converting stored body fat. This diet is risky for  renal impairment, especially for adults and the elderly. Vegan diet is rich in antioxidants, fibrous, vitamins and enzymes, may result in low-fat but it could be a high quality carbohydrate and low in protein, that cause vitamin B12 deficiency. The current popular diet is OCD. The period of meals of 8 and 6 hours is almost similar to fasting diet, but breakfast is not advocated in this diet, therefore it is not good for health. Besides 4 hours eating period of OCD cause risky  for hypoglycemia or diabetes person, "he explained.(Wied).