Hack the Future, Incubation of Talent Interest in STEM Present at IPB University as a Student Career Prospect

Hack the Future, Incubation of Talent Interest in STEM Present at IPB University as a Student Career Prospect

Hack the Future, Inkubasi Minat Bakat di Bidang STEM Hadir di IPB University sebagai Prospek Karier Mahasiswa

A number of IPB University students initiated the establishment of the Hack the Future community which was launched on (8/6) at the Startup Centre Building, Science and Technology Area Institute (LKST) IPB University, Bogor City. This forum is present as an incubation of talent interests in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) for student career prospects.

“Hack the Future comes with four main pillars, namely research, leadership, networking, and incubation,” said Hack the Future Public Relations Director, Dydan Muhammad Al Basith.

Dydan said, Hack the Future will bridge IPB University students who have an interest in the STEM field as capital for career journeys such as business, professional bureaucrats, academics, and politics. By joining this community, students will be helped to get fast networking.

“Our focus is to present key leaders, figures in Indonesia who can provide space for IPB University students to quickly adapt and move. Hack the Future connects stakeholders with students,” said this student of the Department of Resource and Environmental Economics (ESL) IPB University.

President of Hack the Future, Annisa Lestari said, Hack the Future was designed with an e-learning-based learning system. Not only theory, but students will also get the opportunity to practice directly by visiting industry, government, or research centres.

“We hope that students will be aware of the future. We provide e-learning facilities, research visits to public and private sectors. So, they not only learn the theory, but also the practice,” said Annisa, who is still a student of Family and Consumer Sciences (IKK) IPB University.

Annisa hopes that students who join the Hack the Future community will become future leaders who are thinkers, writers, and speakers. “Hopefully, with these three things, they will have outputs and outcomes that can be seen by many people to make them more aware of STEM and the future,” she added.

Executive Advisor of Hack the Future, R Imam Nuryaman, SKPm revealed that Hack the Future was formed because he saw students as the next generation who were less aware of the challenges that would occur in the future, such as climate crisis, food crisis, technological disruption, and others.

“In addition to the problems that occur, we see potential. IPB University has a Science Techno Park (STP). There are many great people at IPB University who have knowledge in certain fields. Many students are active in creating innovations. So, the problem and potential meet,” said Imam.

The presence of the Hack the Future community was welcomed positively by the Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria. This forum is considered in line with the vision and mission of IPB University as a techno-sociopreneur university campus.

“I appreciate the Hack the Future programme because we have a commitment to create future leaders who are resilient and adaptive to global dynamics. In this programme, we hope that IPB University students will become innovators and leaders who are ready to face global changes with a proactive attitude and always provide solutions in a sustainable manner,” said Prof Arif.

Appreciation also came from Professor of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology of IPB University, Prof Azis Boing Sitanggang. “I hope with this community, students will be more aware of STEM and the future,” he said. (*/Lp) (IAAS/RUM)