National Chicken Laughing Contest Enlivened the 55th Anniversary of IPB

In celebrating the 55th Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Anniversary, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) IPB held the National Ketawa Chicken Contest. The 12th Laughing Chicken Contest was held with the theme "Indonesian Unique Laughing Chicken". The Laughing Chicken Contest was held at the Andi Hakim Nasution Rectorate Field, IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor on Sunday (16/9).

"The cultural potential of the national laughing chicken is very large, including the potential to improve the community's economy through laughing chicken tourism," said Muhammad Iqbal, Chairperson of the National Chicken Laughing Contest in 2018.

Through this national laughing chicken contest, the Dean of FKH IPB, represented by the Deputy Dean Prof. Drh. Agus Setiyono, M.S., Ph.D., A.P.Vet. hope contest participants can establish friendships with other participants. Not only that, in his speech he also hoped that laughing chicken lovers can pay attention to the health aspects of laughing chickens that are owned by each.

"The health aspect of chicken laughter is important because it is to maintain the quality, performance, and appearance of the laughing chicken. While the aspects of cultivation, especially aspects of production also need to be considered to maintain the sustainability of laughing chickens, "concluded Prof. Agus.

As for Dudi Fitri Susandi, S.TP, M.Si, Head of the Livestock Division, Bogor City Agriculture Service invited chicken lovers laughing in Bogor City to unite and develop a laughing chicken tour in the city of Bogor.

"Perhaps there is a laughing chicken community in the city of Bogor, so let's sit together to advance the livestock of Bogor City, especially the laughing chicken tourism sector," said Dudi.

He said, currently the community that has cooperated with the Bogor City Livestock Sector is a community of cat, civet and dog lovers. According to him not only for tourism, this collaboration aims to improve the quality of health and cultivation to be preserved.

The national laughter chicken contest was attended by laughing chicken lovers from various regions such as Lampung, Cirebon, Jakarta, Jember, Jombang, Madura, and Serpong.

There are five categories of competition, namely selow, dangdut, disco, teenager and sound craft. This category is distinguished from the sound produced from the laughing chicken itself. The selow category is laughing chicken with its slow rhythm, while dangdut and disco are judged by a fast sound rhythm. Unlike the previous three categories, the teenage category is a category that competes with the sound of chicken laughing with a short rhythm. The sound craft category is a category that only calculates the amount of noise issued by laughing chickens without taking into account the rhythm and tone.

Assessment of the sound issued by the laughing chicken is by using a flag. There are 3 flags used to judge, namely yellow, green, red, purple and white. Each flag has a different value weight, the yellow flag is 41, red is 42, green is 43, purple is 44, and the flag is white. Valuation system based on his voice is, the sound must be round, powerful, stable sound, rhythmic, and hardworking (the chicken must be diligent).

"The scoring system used is based on the sound coming out of the chicken, because the contest is a sound contest," said Zainal Abidin, Chair of the Indonesian Ketawa Chicken Fans and Conservation Association (P3AKSI). (RA / Zul)

Published Date : 17-Sep-2018

Resource Person : Drh. Agus Setiyono, M.S., Ph.D., A.P.Vet.

Keyword : National Chicken Laughing Contest Enlivened the 55th Anniversary of IPB