Rosella Probiotic Yogurt

Rosella Probiotic Yogurt

Rosella Probiotic Yogurt: Anti-cervical Cancer and Antidiabetic Functional Drink


Prof Dr Irma Isnafia Arief, SPt, MSi


Rosella Probiotic Yogurt has the benefits as an anticancer and antidiabetic beverage. Lactate Acid Bacteria (BAL) used in the making of this product is L. acidophilus IIA-2B4. This BAL has the best potential to inhibit HeLa cells (cancer cell) proliferation by 74.16 percent. L. acidophilus IIA-2B4 can influence cancer cell cellular metabolism, resulting in imperfect cell morphological function.

Besides as an anticancer, L. acidophilus IIA-2B4 also can inhibit α-glucosidase. α-glucosidase enzyme catalyzes carbohydrate into glucose in gastrointestinal tract. By inhibiting the enzyme’s activity, complex digested carbohydrate and glucose decrease. As a result, blood glucose level decreases. Rosella Probiotic Yogurt has α-glucosidase enzyme inhibition activity as much as 36.7 percent.


  • Rosella Probiotic Yogurt’s formula for health benefits and the making process has already secured a patent, with ID registration number P00201811136
  • Lactate Acid Bacteria (BAL) L. acidophilus IIA-2B4 break down protein into peptide, which inhibits Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE). ACE is the enzyme which regulates blood plessure in Renin-Angiotensin system
  • Rosella flower extract has antosianin and proantosianidin components
  • Inhibits HeLa (cancer cell) proliferation by 74.16 percent
  • Inhibits
  • Can be stored for 15 days in cold temperature
  • Affordable price


Lactate Acid Bacteria can be developed into a functional food product as a probiotic. Probiotics are living microorganisms which can give health benefits if consumed in an adequate amount. This method is used by the Permanent High Teacher of Faculty of Animal Sciences, IPB University, Prof. Dr. Irma Isnafia Arief.

Prof Irma utilizes BAL to make Probiotic Yogurt. What’s unique about this yogurt is that it can prevent cervical cancer. Prof Irma explained that several probiotics show anticancer activity by producing anticancer metabolites.

In her study, Prof Irma used HeLa (Epitheloid Carcinoma cervix) cell, while the tested probiotic strain is L. Plantarum IIA-1A5 and L. acidophillus IIA-2B4. After its inhibitory ability against HeLa cells is observed, L. acidophillus IIA-2B4 probiotic generates the best potential in inhibiting HeLa cells proliferation by 76.16 percent.

The result is supported by microscopic observation of the cell’s morphology, which showed that consuming L. acidophillus IIA-2B4 probiotic can influence cancer cell’s cellular metabolism and morphology so they can’t function perfectly.

Looking at the potentials of L. acidophillus IIA-2B4, Prof Irna continued her study by inventing Rosella Probiotic Yogurt. According to the results, goat milk rosella yogurt with L. acidophillus IIA-2B4 is proven to have potential as an antihypertension and antimicrobial agent.

Several other studies show that rosella probiotic yogurt can also be used as an antidiabetic and anti-hypocholesterol agent and has high antioxidant content. This yogurt can inhibit α-glucosidase or inhibit glucose absorption by inhibiting α-glucosidase, which catalyzes carbohydrate into glucose in digestive tract. The yogurt can inhibit the enzyme’s activity by 36.7 percent.

According to the results of this study, Prof Irma concludes that this yogurt has the potentials to give health benefits to people. This yogurt has been commercialized and produced by IPB University’s Faculty of Animal Science academic business unit. The product already has MD certificate by Drug and Food Security Body (BPOM) from 2016 and patent registration number: ID P00201811136.

Besides yogurt, Prof Irma also utilizes L. acidophillus IIA-2B4 probiotic potential into other functional food. The product is probiotic fermented sausage, which is safe and good for consumers’ health. By consuming this sausage, the consumers need not to worry about having their cholesterol level increase (one of cardiovascular disease factor) because of the lower unsaturated fatty acid, compared to other sausages. The production method of this probiotic fermented sausage also has got a patent registration number: ID P00201607662.


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