TNC IPB University Invites GNI to Hold Sharing Knowledge with Community with Farmers in Kiarasari Village

TNC IPB University Invites GNI to Hold Sharing Knowledge with Community with Farmers in Kiarasari Village

TNC IPB University Ajak GNI Gelar Sharing Knowledge with Community Bersama Petani di Desa Kiarasari

The Farmers and Fishermen Center (TNC) IPB University in collaboration with Gugah Nurani Indonesia (GNI) successfully organised a Sharing Knowledge with Community event on Saturday (25/11) in Kiarasari Village, Bogor Regency. The event, which was attended by 34 participants, aimed to share knowledge to support the development of sustainable agriculture in Kiarasari Village.

Muhammad Rusdini, a local champion farmer in Kiarasari Village, in his speech expressed the villagers’ hope for agricultural regeneration. He emphasised the achievements of Kiarasari Village’s brown rice, which has entered the national exhibition. In addition, Rusdini also pointed out the strong support from the Kiarasari Youth Community (KPK), which involves various layers of education.

Iwan, a representative of GNI’s Director, provided participants with an in-depth understanding of GNI’s vision and mission. At the Bogor event, he explained that his project specifically focuses on climate change issues and has already had a positive impact.

“GNI is not only limited to the fulfilment of children’s rights, but also extends to various fields, including the economy and climate change. Initiatives, such as income generation through cooperatives and special projects such as agriculture, climate change issues, waste banks, economic projects and disaster mitigation show GNI’s commitment to sustainable development,” Iwan said.

Furthermore, the Chairman of TNC IPB University, Prof Hermanu Triwidodo gave an insight into the strategic role of TNC in supporting farmers. He likened TNC to a ‘petromax lamp’ that must illuminate nearby objects.

“TNC IPB University is present as a reference place for farmers to convey and ask questions related to agricultural problems. Farmers can share information, knowledge and experience. The IPB Digitani application is also ready to be a solution for those who want to consult related to agriculture at large,” said Prof Hermanu.

The Sharing Knowledge with Community event in Kiarasari Village is not just a forum for sharing information, but an important foundation towards sustainable agricultural regeneration. The involvement of various parties, including GNI, TNC IPB University and the village community, marks a joint commitment to overcome challenges and build a better future through sustainable agriculture. (NWE/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)