Increased Bile Duct Disease, IPB University Students Conduct Research in Dogs

Recent studies of veterinary science say that the prevalence of disease in the extrahepatic bile duct is increasing. One of them is inflammation of the gallbladder (cholecystitis).

For this reason Sharon Gunardi, a student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of IPB University, is interested in researching gallbladder inflammation in dogs. This research led Sharon to become the Best Graduate in Graduation December 2019.

Sharon admitted that his reason for choosing a topic related to bile duct disease in dogs was because he had an interest in the science of internal medicine and wanted to learn more about it. The title raised in his research is the Study of Cholecystitis in Dogs Based on Ultrasonographic Images and Blood Examinations with guidance from Dr. Drh Setyo Widodo and Rini Madyastuti, SSi, Apt, MSi.

Sharon said that this non-experimental study used secondary data from the Animal Education Hospital (RSHP) of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, IPB University. Data analysis was carried out from November 2018 to March 2019.

Through his research he wants to provide knowledge about other diseases that can attack pets, especially dogs. This study is supported by secondary data which is quite complete, in the form of ultrasound imaging data from the gallbladder, Complete Blood Count (CBC) examination and blood biochemical tests, so that interpretation can be done to understand the disease that occurs.

From eight dogs, it was concluded that cholecystitis that occurs in two dogs is aseptic or sterile cholecystitis. And six other dogs have septic cholecystitis, "he said.

Sharon hopes that through his research, veterinarians can consider cholecystitis in a differential diagnosis to diagnose hepatobiliary diseases with similar clinical symptoms. (IAAS/NAS)


Keyword: Veterinarian, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bile Inflammation in Dogs, IPB University


Published Date : 06-Jan-2020

Resource Person : Sharon Gunardi

Keyword : Veterinarian, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bile Inflammation in Dogs, IPB University