IPB University Lecturer Initiates Embung Water Treatment for Water Scarce Villages in Bojonegoro

IPB University Lecturer Initiates Embung Water Treatment for Water Scarce Villages in Bojonegoro

Dosen IPB University Inisiasi Pengolahan Air Embung untuk Desa Sulit Air di Bojonegoro

Clean water shortages hit several areas in Bojonegoro Regency due to the El-Nino phenomenon in 2023, including in Nganti Village, Ngraho District. Residents rely on clean water assistance from outside parties, one of which is from the Bojonegoro Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD). In fact, this village has a reservoir and artesian springs, unfortunately the quality is still below the quality standards of clean water.

IPB University lecturer, Dr Chusnul Arif, Prof Endang Warsiki and Dr Eng Allen Kurniawan, in collaboration with Nganti Village officials, initiated the development of water treatment technology through the Dosen Mengabdi Inovasi (DIM) programme in 2023. The effort was made by treating reservoir water to overcome the difficulty of clean water for residents.

In this initiation activity, the IPB University lecturer was also accompanied by one of the residents, Edi, and Kamituwo (Head of Hamlet) of Nganti Village, Mariadi.

“Nganti Village, especially Pepe Hamlet, has artesian springs and ponds. Unfortunately, it tastes salty and residents cannot utilise it directly. We hope that it can be utilised by the residents, especially to overcome the current drought,” said Mariadi.

One of the IPB University lecturers, Dr Chusnul, explained that the water treatment technology developed is Multi Media Filter (MMF) with several filter materials such as activated carbon and zeolite. The initiation of water treatment with this technology was carried out on (5-6/11) in Pepe Hamlet.

“From the results of lab tests on the water quality of both artesian springs and reservoirs, it shows that they are not suitable for use as clean water because the water quality parameters are below the quality standards,” said Dr Chusnul.

“To ensure the results of this water treatment trial, water samples will be brought to IPB University for further analysis and to determine whether it can be used or not,” added Dr Allen.

Prof Endang, a Bojonegoro-born Professor of IPB University said, “As a native of Bojonegoro, we want to contribute in overcoming the problem of water shortage, hopefully what we do will be successful.”

On this occasion, Prof Endang also invited Muhammad Kundori, President Director of PT Asri Dharma Sejahtera, a Bojonegoro Regional Enterprise (BUMD) to see firsthand the water shortage at the location.

“We hope that the BUMD can also cooperate with the regency government, including village officials and universities, to jointly make efforts to overcome the drought that routinely occurs here with our technological intervention,” she added. (CHA/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)