IPB University Students Design Fisherman Human Resource Development Platform

As the largest archipelago country in the world, Indonesia has enormous marine and fisheries wealth. But it is unfortunate, it turns out that the enormous potential and abundance of natural resources has not been accompanied by the readiness of Human Resources (HR) to manage and utilize them optimally and sustainably.

The development of human resources, especially fishermen, is important to realize the ideals of Indonesia as the world's maritime axis. Therefore, Baiq Nabila Muftia Utami, Umar Seno Aji, and Ani Damayanti, who are students of IPB University designed a platform with the name "Mileniwak" which can be used to advance fisheries human resources.

"This platform aims to improve human resources in the field of fisheries by bringing together agencies and personnel who need special expertise such as fisheries practitioners," said Baiq.

Later, Baiq continued, through this platform an online certification system will be developed through scientific simulator games and virtual reality based on artificial intelligence. This certification is needed because many practitioners are only armed with experience without scientific knowledge. In addition, in the field of fisheries work, special expertise is also needed as evidenced by certification.

"Armed with certification, you can easily enter professional institutions and companies later," said Baiq.

It turns out that the Mileniwak platform can be utilized and applied by all members of the community. Later, the Mileniwak platform will collaborate with certification bodies and institutions related to fisheries.

By utilizing the development of artificial intelligence technology, the Mileniwak platform is very potential for the future of Indonesian fisheries. This is because the system on the Mileniwak platform was developed based on the reality that occurred in the field.

"For scientific simulations will be combined with artificial intelligence technology, so there will be created a fishery game that refers to scientific findings and findings in the field," concluded Baiq. (AVR)

Published Date : 21-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Baiq Nabila Muftia Utami, Umar Seno Aji, dan Ani Damayanti

Keyword : artificial intelligence, mileniwak, fishermen