Strengthen the IPB Communication Bureau Build a Communication Group

To enhance positive public perceptions of the institution, participation from various stakeholders is needed, especially good cooperation between work units within the institution. Therefore, the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) Communication Bureau built a network between work units by forming a Communication Group in each work unit within the IPB.

There are more than 100 work units within the IPB. So that the existence of a communication group is very important to raise a positive reputation in each work unit. This was conveyed by the Head of the IPB Communication Bureau, Ir. Yatri Indah Kusumastuti, M. Si at the IPB Communication Group Workshop at Papyrus Hotel, Bogor (15/11).

Chancellor of IPB, Dr. In his direction Arif Satria said that this Communication Group could be the spearhead so that IPB could respond more progressively to current information.

"Once you enter and join the Communication Group, you will gain more knowledge. This is important to improve government quality performance. We must have Banguntrust plus integrity plus capability plus transparency minus self-interest. We maintain trust capital. We build trust on all fronts. In Public Information Openness for universities, IPB is number one. This is the strength of all of us, "said the Chancellor.

"We will build a reputation through the Public Relations Group. We will share with each other, work together to build on what IPB has achieved. IPB is currently chosen to be the most informative public university of the Central Information Commission. For that, let's prove and show that IPB is informative not only out but also into IPB. Various information on IPBan must be controlled by us as IPB employees, "he added.

On this occasion, Ir. Heri Rakhmadi, Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Public Relations Association (Perhumas), said that the challenges in the competitive era are that the current pattern of public communication is strongly influenced by the environment, community culture and local, global and technological political developments.

"The development of communication technology including printed mass media, electronic media, and social media has resulted in the rapid flow of information to the public. Another challenge in the competitive era is that there is distrust in the mainstream media, besides the emergence of hoax phenomena and opinion warfare, it has already happened in the community, "he said.

Mass media is one of the main stakeholders of Public Relations (PR). For that a PR must communicate with the mass media. In Indonesia, Heri said there were 705 influential mass media in 34 provinces. "This is just the mainstream media," he said.

According to him, to be an effective PR, one of them is to think of strategies. What message should be received by the community. An effective PR campaign is to network. Such as smart media relations, website and publication development, digital and social media optimization programs and strengthening PR organizations and internal communication. (Dh / Zul)

Published Date : 16-Nov-2018

Resource Person : Ir. Heri Rakhmadi

Keyword : IPB Communication Bureau Builds Communication Group, IPB Chancellor, Deputy Chairperson of Indonesian Public Relations Association (Perhumas), Head of IPB Communication Bureau.