IPB Veterinary Students Enliven Dies Natalis through HOPE 2018

For some people, pets are part of the family. Not a few people consider him to be the best friend of a man who is always faithful to listen to the master's complaints. No wonder the effort to care for and keep pets is an important thing to do.

The exotic pet and animal aquatic professional association of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bogor Agricultural University (HKSA FKH IPB) responded to this need by holding a Help Our Pets and Equine (HOPE) event. This event is part of the Agrisymphony 2018 event. HOPE itself was held at the Bogor Botanical Garden (KRB) on Saturday (15/9) and the court of Graha Widya Wisuda (GWW), Campus IPB Dramaga, Bogor, Sunday (16/9).

"In addition to being a veterinary service, the purpose of this activity is to improve the health and good maintenance for pets belonging to the people of Bogor and surrounding areas," explained Vyola Tamara, Chairperson of this event as well as Chairman of the HKSA FKH IPB.

For activities at the KRB, students from FKH held a socialization about animal welfare with horse carrieage masons in Bogor. Animal welfare itself consists of four principles: free from hunger and thirst, pain-free, free from discomfort, free expression, and free from pressure. This activity continued with the provision of deworming drugs and the distribution of basic foods to the towing drivers.

"We want to see how the towing horses in Bogor are. Whether the animal welfare is guaranteed or not," said Vyola.

HOPE continues with the opening of a dog clinic for dogs and cats in the GWW yard. This clinic is a collaboration with Dhomir 41 Pet Shop and the Veterinary Education Hospital (RSHP) FKH IPB. "We provide dry grooming. We also provide vaccinations, giving vitamins and fish oil and consulting with veterinarians," said Vyola.

One of the pets that became a patient was Kebo, a mixed-breed dog. This dog is found in terrible conditions. "The condition is that there are dirty wounds and maggots," explained Vyola. This condition, among veterinarians, is called myiasis. After several days of treatment, Kebo's condition began to improve.

"By looking at this veterinary service, it is hoped that people who have pets or those who do not can be more mindful of the welfare and health of the animals around them and more and more pet owners and surrounding communities are concerned about animal welfare," she said. (RYS)

Published Date : 17-Sep-2018

Resource Person : Vyola Tamara

Keyword : IPB Veterinary Students Enliven Dies Natalis through HOPE 2018