IPB University Students Peel Current Water Conservation Issues

Currently, issues related to sustainable development, integrated resource management and the industrial revolution 4.0 are being widely discussed by the public.  The awareness of the Indonesian people on the important role of nature in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem is gradually becoming apparent.  Along with the development of technology, almost all aspects that are built and managed make environmental aspects as the basis for determining policies.

This was said by Rafialwan Atariq Subing as Chair of the Student Association of Aquatic Resources Management, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (Himasper FPIK), IPB University during the 2019 Water Festival Seminar held at the IPB Campus, Dramaga Bogor, (12/10).

The 2019 Water Festival is an event held by Himasper FPIK IPB University to introduce the importance of the application of conservation aspects in the development and management of aquatic resources.  Uniquely, the event titled "Aquatic Life Conservation for Indonesia 4.0" calls on all seminar participants to bring their own tumblr and not be allowed to bring plastic into the seminar room.

"By bringing tumblr and no plastic, it means that participants have been invited to take part in water conservation efforts that can be started from small things," said Naufal Hawali Bastaman as Chair of the 2019 Water Festival.

Water conservation expert and lecturer from the Department of Water Resources Management (MSP) FPIK, IPB University, Dr. Ir. Fredinan Yulianda stated that water cannot stand alone.  There are resources in and around them that can be utilized.  Utilization of existing aquatic resources may be done for the development and fulfillment of daily life needs.  However, the utilization must be in proportion.  For example, fish as a source of protein from the waters.  Almost all fish stocks are utilized, so that the size of fish caught is getting smaller and smaller.

Ir.  Agung Kuswandono, M.A, Deputy II for the Coordinating of Natural Resources and Services, the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs (Kemenkomar) as the keynote speaker said that there are many things that need to be improved in maintaining a sustainable water environment.  "Don't blame each other.  Starting to change from oneself to help create a holistic and integrated positive change, "he said.

In addition, Miftachur Robani as Chief Marketing Officer of Lindungihutan.com also said that as humans who live on the face of the earth, we must not neglect.  The character of caring for the environment becomes important possessed by the people of Indonesia, especially students who have a big hand in national development.

Meanwhile, a public figure who is one of the Ambassador of the Environment, Tasya Kamila also shared her experiences in learning about the environment.  Beginning to study the environment because he was asked by the minister as an ambassador.  After much learning, Tasya Kamila said that those who have an important role in the preservation of the aquatic environment are the people.  Nature is very closely related to society.

In addition to seminars, the 2019 Water Festival has a series of activities including Green Belt Conservation, expos, scientific writing competitions, photography, posters for students, and coloring competitions for children.  The entire series of activities is carried out with the intention of campaigning for the conservation of aquatic echoes.  (AD / Zul)

Published Date : 16-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Rafialwan Atariq Subing

Keyword : conservation, environment, students, community, waters