Ketapang Sergai Official Cooperates with IPB University to Increase Tebingtinggi Cattle Population

Dozens of beef cattle farmers who are members of three groups from Pegajahan, Dolokmasihul and Sipispis Districts appeared enthusiastic in participating in the People's Animal Husbandry School (SPR) program on Saturday (7/9) at Pondok Bali Lestari Hall, Jalan Deblod Sundoro, Tebingtinggi City.

SPR is the flagship program of the Serdangbedagai District's Food Security Service (Ketapang) in collaboration with the Institute for Research and Community Services (LPPM) IPB University since 2016. The aim is to give birth to professional, independent and sovereign cattle farmers.

Kadis Ketapang Sergai, M. Aliyuddin SP, MP in front of the breeders' group when opening the 2019 SPR said that the activities carried out sustainably also aimed to boost beef cattle populations that lately are needed by the community because the selling price is quite high. This is in accordance with the vision and mission of Sergai Regency to create innovative and sustainable breeders.

"With the SPR program, the livestock population in Sergai has produced quite satisfying results. Currently Sergai Regency is ranked fourth in the largest livestock population in North Sumatra (North Sumatra)," he said.

It is hoped that the groups that have participated in the SPR program can develop cattle and display their best animals.

While the Head of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health of the Ketapang Sergai Service, Dr. Andarias Ginting MSi explained to the farmer groups that related to requests for assistance to the government in order to improve the quality and quantity of animals, must go through the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and existing guidelines.

"We will conduct an assessment and monitoring in accordance with the guidelines and SOPs which will soon be standardized into Sergai Regent Regulations," he explained.

Meanwhile, from LPPM IPB University, Dr. Ir Afton Atabany, MSi said that his party in the SPR emphasized more on how to encourage farmers to actively care for their livestock. He assessed that each breeder must at least be a manager with a category of 25 head of cattle per family.

According to him, in this SPR the breeders were taught how to market livestock, the introduction of various diseases and high nutritional food reserves for livestock. "The point is, we want the farmers who follow the SPR can make the community's farming patterns better and can be transmitted to farmers. other farmers," he added.

On that occasion, representatives of livestock groups from Pegajahan District, Srianto expressed his gratitude to the Ketapang Sergai Service and LPPM IPB University for teaching good breeding procedures. Srianto hopes that the Ketapang Sergai Service will continue to guide farmers in terms of progress and development of animal husbandry business. (RYS)

Published Date : 11-Sep-2019

Resource Person : M. Aliyuddin SP, MP, drh Andarias Ginting MSi, Dr Ir Afton Atabany, MSi

Keyword : People's Animal Husbandry School (SPR), Animal Husbandry, Beef Cattle, Serdangbedagai District (Sergai), LPPM IPB University