The Ambassador of United States of America Visits IPB University

The Ambassador of the United States of America (US), Joseph R. Donovan Jr. visited Indonesia to commemorate the diplomatic relation between Indonesia and the US. During his visit, Joseph also visited several universities in Indonesia, one of them was IPB University.

Joseph R. Donovan Jr. was present in the opening of summer course that was conducted by IPB University and Villanova University, United States, in Seafast Center, Dramaga Campus, Bogor (8/7). This summer course is participated by 21 people from various countries.

This summer course is a the first program designed by Villanova University, for Indonesian and American’s collaboration. The summer course will be held for six weeks. Students will learn the process of making, cultivation, and refining process of clove essential oil. In addition, they will also go to Bali to see chocolate farm.

In his remarks, Joseph said that the Seafast Center is one example of the results of cooperation between Indonesia and America. "During the partnership with Indonesia, including with IPB University, many students received scholarships to study in America," he said.

The arrival of the US Ambassador was welcomed by the Rector of IPB University, Dr. Arif Satria. He hoped that the collaboration that has been established so far can continue to improve, especially to support Indonesia in facing the challenges of the Industrial Era 4.0.

"IPB University has established international cooperation. There are around 174 Memorandum of Agreement. In addition, there is currently a meeting of 10 rectors in Indonesia in order to collaborate to strengthen research with the University of Massachusetts, America, "said the Rector.

Meanwhile, according to Seafast Center Secretary, Prof. Lilis Nuraida, Seafast Center focuses on improving food quality, nutrition and security through science and technology. For this reason, Seafast Center is actively seeking partnerships and mutual cooperation with many national, regional and international institutions.

Internationally, Seafast Center has strong relation with prominent universities and other food-related institutions in Asia, North America, and Europe. Besides, Seafast Center has developed partnerships with Texas A&M University. Since January 2005, Texas A&M University (TAMU) has been awarded grants from USDA-Foreign Agricultural Service416. This grant will help in developing the Southeast Asian Food and Agricultural Science and Technology (SEAFAST) in Bogor, Indonesia.

Published Date : 12-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Joseph R Donovan Jr

Keyword : US Ambassador, Joseph R Donovan Jr, Summer Course, Villanova University, IPB University