IPB Student Create a New Solution to Prevent Hair Loss with Fish Collagen

Khairani Nabila Ningrum, a student of Bogor Agricultural Univesity (IPB) believes that hair care is not enough just to use a shampoo that functions as a cleanser, but needs to be maintained and cared for so that it is healthier.

This is what encourages students of the Department of Aquatic Product Technology (FPIK), Khairani Nabila Ningrum, supervised by Prof. Dr. Linawati Hardjito, MSc in collaboration with CV Ocean Fresh to make hair care products that are safe for consumers by using collagen in fish.

Previous studies showed that the use of hair care products using Minoxidil which is a synthetic material can be dangerous especially after it occurs in a 42-year-old man. The use of Minoxidil for one month can make the man loses sight.

In her research, Khairani used fish collagen hydrolyzates from snapper mixed with acid. This collagen hydrolyzate has water soluble properties.

"I use snapper because the percentage of amino acid content in snapper which is the main component of keratin in hair is large, glycine 25.2 percent, alanine 14.3 percent, glutamic acid 8.1 percent, proline 13.1 percent and hydroxyproline 8.1 percent,” she added.

To prove the effectiveness of fish collagen, Khairani tested its effects. Testing is done by involving three people who have different hair problems. Based on the results of these tests, it was concluded that hair loss decreased after using hair serum. Before using hair serum, the scalp is clearly visible due to hair loss, then after the use of hair serum, the scalp appears covered with hair that has grown.

"I hope that the results of this study can provide information about hair preparations that have been added to fish collagen hydrolyzates so that they can be an alternative anti-hair loss ingredient in the safer cosmetics industry," she concluded. (FM)

Published Date : 15-Nov-2018

Resource Person : Khairani Nabila Ningrum

Keyword : fish collagen, hair care, snapper