Maritime Coordinating Ministry and IPB Synergy Support the Development of National Marine and Fisheries Innovation Products

The Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia through the Deputy for Coordination of Natural Resources (SDA) and Services, Ir. Agung Kuswandono, MA continues to work to synergize the development of marine and fisheries innovation products. One of the efforts was carried out in collaboration with the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) by holding Maritime Product Innovation Talks (M-PIT).

The M-PIT activity is part of a series of events with the theme Synergy of Strengthening the University's Role on Maritime Resources Management on 12-13 September 2018.

"The results of IPB's innovation are numerous. And not only from IPB, but also from all other universities, many of which are extraordinary. The only problem is that this innovation stops at the laboratory scale or university scale, so the role of the government is needed to strengthen the downstreaming of products that can be absorbed by the domestic and foreign markets, "said Deputy for Natural Resources Coordination and Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Ir. Agung Kuswandono, MA.

Explained by the alumnus of IPB, that in fact Indonesia can develop maritime natural resources into large and potential industries. Because, the market already exists and is very large. "For that we meet these innovators and entrepreneurs, then they develop the forerunner of the national industry with the support of coordinating ministries and institutions," Agung added.

Meanwhile, the Rector of IPB, Dr. Arif Satria, when talking about marine innovation there are two aspects that we must think about. First, what products will be produced and second, what types of technology can support these innovations.

"I think the fisheries and marine sector must be able to produce products that support other sectors. To achieve this, a clear concept and target is needed so that innovations in fisheries and marine can produce more innovative products," he explained.

According to the Chancellor, the fisheries sector needs collaboration with other scientific fields. In this event there was also an exhibition of innovative products produced by innovators. "From the results of these innovations, we actually understand that there are many things we can do, as long as we want a discussion. So we connect between patent owners, owners of scientific findings, and entrepreneurs who can develop these innovations into big industries, "said the Rector of IPB.

IPB is a State University (PTN) which won the Widyapadhi 2018 award as a PTN that produced the most innovative products on the rise of National Technology 2018, and in the past ten years dominated the acquisition of the most prospective higher education institutions issued by the Business Innovation Center (BIC) by contributing 39.91 percent of the total innovation produced by universities.

Published Date : 14-Sep-2018

Resource Person : Ir. Agung Kuswandono, MA

Keyword : Maritime Coordinating Ministry and IPB Synergy Support the Development of National Marine and Fisheries Innovation Products