This IPB Student was accepted through the Student Council Chair Pathway who Memorizes 30 Juz of Quran

The Chairman of the Student Organization (OSIS) admission is the latest registration path for prospective students of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). Although this pathway is a new path for college admission, it turns out that the Chair of the Student Council is in great demand by high school students in the country. A total of 1,288 OSIS leaders from various high schools registered themselves with IPB through this pathway. From 1,288 registrants, only 134 OSIS chiefs were accepted to study at IPB.

Hanifah Zahra Nasyafira, one of the Student Council Chairmen who succeeded in entering IPB through the selection channel which many people said was very spectacular. He was accepted at the Department of Islamic Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management, IPB. This girl from Sukabumi is an alumni of the Integrated Islamic High School (SMAIT) Adzkia and is an alumni who opened the entrance to IPB. "At first I was told by a teacher to take advantage of the opportunity to register the selection path of the student council president at IPB, and thank God I was accepted," Nasya said.

At her school, she is more familiarly called by the name Nasya. During her time as chair of the OSIS, Nasya initiated various programs such as leadership school, entrepreneurship training, debate time, nation talk shows, assisting in the enforcement of school discipline, national and big celebrations, the conduct of creative businesses, and other extracurricular activities.

Not only internal programs, Nasya also initiated external programs such as social service, teaching day, futsal competitions, and religious competitions.

On the sidelines of her busy schedule as Chair of the Student Council, this student who was born in Bogor turned out to have many achievements. During the three years of school at SMAIT Adzkia Sukabumi, Nasya managed to incarnate a variety of achievements including 2nd Place Musabaqoh Hifdzil Quran (MHQ) 2 Juz at the Sukabumi 2016 district level, 2nd Place MHQ 3 juz at the city / district level 2017, Finalists at the 2016 Regency level Mathematics Olympiad, Finalists of 2017 District Level Biology OSN, and District 2017 LCC Chemistry Finalists. Not only that, Nasya has also been a School Language Ambassador, English Ambassador, and received a Parallel One Rank in her school.

Nasya has also successfully finished memorizing the Quran during high school. Nasya said, during her school at SMAIT Adzkia, she attended the program in Rumah Quran Adzkia so it helped to complete the Quran recitation. "In addition to using the facilities in Rumah Quran Adzkia for one month, I also used the semester holidays to take part in recitation of recitation of the Quran, from which I can add memorization and can complete my memorization," Nasya said.

In line with his background, Nasya entered the Department of Islamic Economics IPB because she aspires to improve the nation's economy and realize an economy based on Islamic sharia. In the midst of his busyness in studying, Nasya currently dedicates herself to being the PPKU Female Dormitory Head of IPB and is preparing herself to be an outstanding student.

As a student who had been the head of the Student Council, Nasya invited the Chair of the High School Student Council who currently serves in their respective high schools to make the most of their time, increase their academic and non-academic achievements, and for Muslims never leave the Quran one bit. (FM)

Published Date : 14-Sep-2018

Resource Person : Hanifah Zahra Nasyafira

Keyword : This IPB Student was accepted through the Student Council Chair Pathway who Memorizes 30 Juz of Quran