The welcoming gate at IPB Campus Darmaga is the first landmark that greets IPB students when they arrive at Campus Darmaga. The campus is located on the West border of Bogor City and Bogor District. It is surrounded by 17 villages with over 1300 houses/rooms for rent and inhabited by around 25.000 IPB students.

New students that will study in IPB do not need to worry about finding accommodation. This is because, in the first year, the university provides a student dormitory with a capacity of 4000 male and female students. Adjacent to the dormitory, there are canteens, cafeterias, restaurants, kiosks, computer rentals, pharmacies and kiosks/shops to meet the students’ daily needs.

The student dormitory is not merely a place to live, but more importantly it is an academic development and multicultural program. The program is intended to familiarize the students with life on campus and to improve several soft skills such as communication and organizational skills. It also aims to help the students to better understand pluralism. For these purposes, the first-year student dormitory is supported by several academic and multicultural development activities.  In the dormitory, the first-year students are accompanied by Senior Residents. Senior Residents are senior students who live in a student dormitory to help first-year students deal with academic and non-academic issues.

In addition to supporting new students with program approaches as well as with the management of IPB Dormitory General Competency Education Program (PKKU), the university also provides a Guidance Counselling Team, consisting of senior IPB lecturers. Students can thus discuss any concerns that they have with this Counselling Team.

The sense of togetherness that had been established when the students lived in the first-year student dormitory is an emotional asset which is irreplaceable. Helping each other in good and bad times will indirectly help them to expedite study.  In general, the emotional atmosphere to help each other will continue to grow once the student leave the PPKU IPB dormitory. The students may then form or join a regional student organization (OMDA). Books that are no longer used, can also be given to junior students who come from the same region and still live in PPKU IPB. Several OMDAs also actively promote themselves to the schools where they originally come from. This can also be a potential opportunity for the students to build network with their previous schools.

In the second year, the students will leave the dormitory and find new accommodation outside the dormitory.  In Dramaga region, the houses/rooms for rent are based on an annual system. The cost per year can vary between Rp.2.000.000 – 6.000.000 depending on the room facility and its distance from campus.

Furthermore, a lot of restaurants/food corners are available around IPB with various menu and choices. Generally, the price for one regular meal may vary between Rp. 7.000-15.000/portion.