Diploma IPB

On 1979, Bogor Agricultural University Began to develop  the Diploma Program, which on 1980 this newly developed Program was changed its name into Faculty of Non-degree Programs on Technology (FNGT), which was noted as Faculty of Polytechnic on Agriculture. According to the Decree of the Republic of Indonesia No. 30 of 1990, the Faculty of Polytechnic on Agriculture was closed, and they have been integrated  into its respective Major/Faculties. Further on 1992, the Diploma Program was supervised and managed by  Department/Faculty of Bogor Agricultural University.

Based on the Letter of Decision of  Board of Trustees of Bogor Agricultural University  No.17/MWA-IPB/2003 on the By Laws of  Bogor Agricultural University, the University  has instructed that the Polytechnic will the most appropriate place for the vocational studies, therefore, the University had reorganized and restructured on the implementation of Diploma Program of Bogor Agricultural University. Under the Letter of Decision of Rector No. 124/K13/OT/2004, dated on 13 July 2004, the University has mandated the Directorate of Diploma Program to supervise and manage the implementation of learning process at the Diploma Program in its transitional period up to its establishment.

Diploma Program of Bogor Agricultural University offers 17 (seventeen) Field of Studies as follows:

  1. Communication
  2. Eco-tourism
  3. Informatics Management
  4. Computer Engineering
  5. Food Quality Supervisor
  6. Management of Industrial Food and Nutrition Services
  7. Seed Technology Industry
  8. Production Technology and Management of Aquaculture
  9. Technology and Management of Livestock
  10. Agribusinesss Management
  11. Production Planning and Control of Manufacturing /Services  
  12. Chemical Analyst
  13. Environment Technique and Management
  14. Accounting
  15. Computer Technology and Networks
  16. Integrated Agricultural Production and Development
  17. Paramedics Veteriner

Learning process at the Diploma Program, Bogor Agricultural University is three years (six semesters) with a total of 114 Semester Credit Units (credits).