IPB’s Logo :

Logo IPB

This Shows IPB growing as an education institute source of knowledge and technology and it will advance, grow and get well doing of college’s tree obligation that based of five principles. The logo consists of text (Institut Pertanian Bogor), a five leaves tree and an open book which are all lined by a white circle on a blue background. Blue background means that IPB is all inclusive science and technology: pics of opened book means IPB as a knowledge source. Circle means that there’s no limit for knowledge, alwasy developed and improved. Growed tree subs from the book means college’s tree obligation, five leaves means first five faculties when IPB grew up and tree obligations based on five principles, called Pancasila.

IPB’s Flag :

Bendera IPB

IPB’S yellow flag with logo of IPB based blue colour in the middle.Agriculture Faculty’s Flag is green, Veterinary Medicine faculty’s flag is violet, Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty is blue, Animal Husbandry Faculty is  brown, Forestry Faculty is grey, Agricultural Technology is red, Math and Natural Science is white, Economy and Management is orange, Human Ecology is tosca green all have white IPB logo in the middle in every flag excep Mathematics and Natural Science have a  blue IPB logo in the middle.

Code of Ethics :

Code of Ethics are ethics rules that apply to all citizens of IPB and IPB requires every citizen to behave as follows:

  1. Be honest in performing their tasks and activities, both as a lecturer, a student and as a supporting staff of academic and administrative staff
  2. Polite in dress, behave and speak words
  3. Disciplined in carrying out tasks IPB
  4. Complying with all provisions of laws and regulations that apply, both within and outside the campus
  5. Maintain good name and integrity of the IPB.