IPB offers a variety of sport facilities for IPB members. IPB students who have a common interest in sport can join a number of Student Activity Units (UKM)  including IPB Football UKM, IPB Basketball UKM, IPB Volley Ball UKM, IPB Badminton UKM, IPB Table Tennis UKM, IPB Tennis UKM and IPB Archery UKM.



IPB has been actively participating in preserving the art and culture of Indonesia. The university has a Student Activity Unit (UKM) for students who share common interests in art, such as Lingkung Seni Sunda (Lises) UKM, Gentra Kaheman, Music Agriculture X-pression (Max!!) UKM, and IPB Student Choir (PSM) Agriaswara. In addition, there are also other activities related to art and culture that students can join in IPB. One of them is Gebyar Nusantara.



Agroedutourism (Educational Farm Tourism Program) is a tourist activity designed for educational purposes to extend experiences, for recreational use, and for enhancing knowledge about the nature and agricultural technology by learning through agricultural knowledge in a broad range.

It was established in 2005 by the decree of the Rector No. 080 / K13 / LK / 2005. The program is managed under the Directorate of IPB Business Development as a Supporting Business Unit.

Agroedutourism has its own appeal to the public. Basically, a campus attractions does not require a high cost to create. This is because all components have been initially supplied by the campus, such as the field laboratory as well as the indoor and outdoor locations of IPB.

A lot of benefits can be obtained from such a tourist activity, for example, people from outside the campus can be invited to be more familiar with the development of IPB life dynamics which has a long history as an educational institution.

Some tourism objects that can be visited include:

  1. Cikabayan Experimental Farm
  2. Insect Museum
  3. Installation Garden of Medical Plants Trop BRC IPB
  4. Tissue Culture, Plant Biotechnology
  5. Ornamental Plant Creativity from Hydrogel
  6. Dairy Milk and Yogurt Production
  7. Recycle Paper
  8. Forest Outbond
  9. F- Techno park
  10. Lanscape Garden Design
  11. Experimental Pond
  12. Faculty of Forestry Butterfly Captive Breeding  
  13. Teaching Farm
  14. Horta Doll Creation
  15. Tropical Biopharmaca Research Center (Trop BRC)