As a modern campus at the same time preserving the historical sites, IPB has five campuses in several locations for special purposes:

  1. Darmaga Campus of  IPB (267Ha) as the Rectorate office and the learning center for S1, S2 and S3 programs. There are also social and public facilities.
  2. Baranangsiang Campus of IPB Bogor (11.5 hectares) as the center for research activities and community empowerment as well as postgraduate education for the executives or professionals. In this campus IPB has built the IPB International Convention Center.
  3. Gunung Gede Campus of IPB, Bogor (14.5 ha) as the center for business and management education that will be equipped with a techno-park.
  4. Cilibende Campus of IPB Bogor (3.2 hectares) as the center for vocational education (three-year diploma program).
  5. Taman Kencana Campus of IPB Bogor (3.4 hectares) is planned for the establishment of an international hospital.
Kampus Dramaga IPB Kuliah IPB Laboratorium IPB

Comfortable, safe and nice environment campus

Lecture Room of Theater Style

Laboratories with modern educational equipment

To equip the students with hands-on practical training, IPB has 385 physical laboratories and 12 Experiment Stations / Land in Darmaga (33 hectares), Sukamantri (39.13 hectares), Sindangbarang (937 Ha), Pasir Kuda (1.86 Ha), Tajur (20.42 Ha), Babakan (10.51 Ha), Jonggol-Bogor Regency (268.74 hectares), Pasir Sarongge-Cianjur (7.13 Ha), Mount Walat (350 ha) and Pelabuhan Ratu-Sukabumi (5.23 Ha), Ancol -Jakarta (0.2 hectares), Pulau Tinjil-Pandeglang (600 Ha). In addition, there are Language Training Unit and Integrated Laboratory Unit. These facilities are for the students’ practices and research activities of undergraduate (S1) and graduate (S2 and S3) students as well as lecturers. Meanwhile, Specific research facilities are managed directly by 13 Centers for Research and Community Services.

To provide the students with complete and latest information, IPB has a library ranked as one of the five biggest libraries in Indonesia equipped with an electronic library. There are also the Student Cybers with 800 computers, optical fiber network systems and hot-spots for internet access at several campus locations.

To support the welfare of students, a student dormitory is provided for the first year students. It can accommodate 3000 people. For other students, another dormitory is also available with the capacity of 500 people. Around the campus there are banks and ATMs, Post Office, Polyclinic, religious facilities, shuttle bus inside the campus and bike track. To support the development of talents and interests, within the campus there are Gymnasium, Student Activity Center, Sports Building, Academic Plaza and art equipment.