In collaboration with Agrianita Fapet IPB University, Himasiter's Ormawa PPK Team Socializes the Production of Ecobricks and Eco Enzymes in Sinarsari Village Bogor

The Ormawa Capacity Enhancement Program Team (PPKO) of the Student Association of the Nutrition and Feed Technology Study Program (Himasiter) at IPB University conducted training on the production of eco enzymes and ecobricks in the village of Sinar Sari, Bogor Regency, West Java, 25/8. This training is part of the effort to manage organic and inorganic waste to promote ecopreneurship and a green economy.

Nurlita, an IPB University student, explained that the purpose of this training is to teach housewives how to utilize household waste they generate. This waste is processed into eco enzymes and ecobricks.

"The production of eco enzymes utilizes organic waste such as fruit and vegetable peels, while ecobricks are made from inorganic waste like plastic and empty mineral water bottles," said Nurlita, the Chairwoman of the PPO Team at Himasiter IPB University.

Nugrahini Rahayu, the resource person, mentioned that eco enzymes are versatile natural liquids. These liquids can be obtained through the fermentation of a mixture of sugar, leftover fruits or vegetables, and water. She encouraged housewives to make eco enzymes that can be used in daily life, such as cleaning solutions, soap, shampoo, toner, toothpaste, detoxifiers, hand sanitizers, wound care, fertilizers, and pesticides.

The Chairwoman of Agrianita at the Faculty of Animal Science at IPB University, Dwi Dasawati, added that the production of ecobricks is aimed at reducing plastic waste. Ecobricks can be used as seating and tables in the 'HAYUK Resik' corner park, and can also be sold through e-commerce.

Thomas, theChairman of RT 05/RW 01, stated that eco enzymes and ecobricks have numerous benefits. Eco enzymes can serve as disinfectants capable of killing germs and fungi, making them an alternative floor cleaner. Additionally, ecobricks can be used for crafting chairs, tables, and other items.

"Knowledge about eco enzymes and ecobricks is something new in the village of Sinar Sari. This activity is beneficial for the community, especially in empowering rural community," said Thomas.

Therefore, he mentioned that eco enzyme and ecobrick activities are new innovations in the village of Sinar Sari and have environmental and social benefits. This training is expected to change the perception of the Sinar Sari community, which previously believed that household waste could not be turned into products with functional and economic value. (IAAS/DSR)

Published Date : 19-Sep-2023

Resource Person : Nurlita, Nugrahini Rahayu, Dwi Dasawati, Thomas

Keyword : IPB students, IPB Student Organization, environmental social action, IPB community service