Fema IPB University Holds Public Lecture, Reminds the Importance of Village-Based Development

Faculty of Human Ecology (Fema) IPB University held a 'Public Lecture on Village-Based National Resilience'. This activity was attended by the participants of the Village Government School (SPD) and took place in the Andi Hakim Nasution Auditorium, IPB Dramaga Campus (15/9).

On that occasion, Dean of Fema IPB University, Dr Sofyan Sjaf said, the structure of Indonesia is mostly built from villages, reaching almost 80 percent. This figure shows the high potential of national natural resources (SDA). On the other hand, it cannot be denied that villages still have a number of problems such as stunting, extreme poverty, malnutrition and others. This condition, he said, will affect patterns of interaction and national stability.

"Throughout the last ten years, Fema IPB University has made innovations about Precision Village Data (DDP). How data is built from the bottom up, with the involvement of citizens. DDP also combines numerical data with spatial data," said Dr Sofyan.

Furthermore, he stated, "To build a good village, we need a database. Inevitably, the data subject, namely humans or the community, must be involved. Today we find an innovation, DDP, to build a data methodology as the basis for Indonesia's future development."

On that occasion, Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria also explained the difference between two paradigms of development in the village, namely industry in the village and rural industrialization.

"Industry in the countryside means building industry in the region or location of the village. What actually happens is economic transformation, not social transformation, because there is no connection with building the community so that its resources increase," explained Rector.

He said that it will cause inequality. Because the surrounding community cannot be involved in the industrial process. Unlike the concept of rural industrialization, where the concept or paradigm is that transformation is unified.

Meanwhile, General of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) (Ret), Andika Muhammad Perkasa, SE, MA, MSc, MPhil who was also present encouraged village-based governance. On the other hand, he also reminded the importance of technology.

"Never forget, nowadays technology makes everything grow. People have cellphones and social media accounts. That is our strength as an opportunity now that was not experienced by people in ancient times," he concluded. (Ns/Rz) (IAAS/Hap)

Published Date : 19-Sep-2023

Resource Person : Dr Sofyan Sjaf, Prof Arif Satria, Andika Muhammad Perkasa, SE, MA, MSc, MPhil

Keyword : Fema IPB, Village Government School, Precision Village Data