PPLH IPB University Involved in PT PGN's Environmental Study

Some time ago, IPB University's Center for Environmental Research (PPLH) conducted a field study for the preparation of Environmental Management Efforts (UKL) and Environmental Monitoring Efforts (UPL) which were in collaboration with PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN). The UKL and UPL that are being prepared are in the context of developing gas distribution pipeline infrastructure from the Cirebon-Semarang (Cisem) Transmission Pipeline to the Kendal Industrial Area (KIK) which is in Kendal Regency, Central Java Province.

This environmental assessment itself was made as a condition for the issuance of an environmental approval (formerly called an environmental permit) prior to development activities taking place.

This was confirmed by the person in charge of operational activities from PPLH IPB University, Setyo Pambudi Nugroho.

"Yes, that is right, this activity is for the development of industrial estates through gas distribution. So PGN has buyers as gas buyers. The investors already exist, so the infrastructure must be built. The gas distribution pipe will be installed and connected from the existing Cirebon-Semarang (Cisem) transmission pipe which is in the toll road's space (rumija). The length of the gas distribution pipeline is approximately eight kilometers to KIK. Approximately eight kilometers from the connection of the Cisem transmission pipe to the Cirebon-Semarang toll road earlier," he detailed.

Setyo added that the document had to be made before the activity took place. Later, these UKL and UPL documents will serve as a basis for consideration before issuing environmental approvals. This is because the activity has a high level of risk. The discussion was carried out at the center, namely the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK).

“So the one who issued the permit was the Minister of the Environment. So it's usually done before environmental approval is issued. So the target from the time this activity is completed and the environmental approval is issued, is around five months," he concluded.

The team consisted of Rais Sonaji (Team Leader), Setyo Pambudi Nugroho, Mursalin Aan, Tri Permadi, Bagus A Utomo, Wiwid A Pambudi, Isro, and Suhendrik. According to Rais, the study was conducted from several aspects including air quality, soil quality, and surface water quality around the pipe installation location. Social, economic and cultural aspects are also analyzed in this regard. In addition to knowing the community's perception of the existence of these activities, it is also to see the socio-economic and cultural profiles around the location of the planned activities.

"This gas distribution pipeline installation line has an advantage because it does not require land acquisition, considering that the location of the activities is still included in the state-owned land area," he said.
Rasi added, environmental baseline data taken at the time of going to the field including air, soil and water quality were determined at certain representative points to represent the area along the pipeline. Environmental data related to well and surface water quality conditions, soil conditions (soil quality), air quality and noise conditions, as well as socio-economic culture will also be analyzed.

"So, do you think there will be an impact from the activity plan on the environmental components that will receive the impact. By displaying the current environmental baseline, from the start we can estimate in advance the extent of the environmental impact, especially in the areas along the pipeline route," he explained.

Meanwhile, he added, the second stage of field studies focused on social, economic and cultural aspects had also been carried out.
"Based on the study, indeed there should be respondents to the surrounding community through which the pipeline, what is their opinion on the planned activities. Apart from that, the perceptions of the people who use the roadside pipe line area for stalls and workshops are also studied. This is to ensure that at the time of construction it can run smoothly," he said. [my/Zul]

Published Date : 25-Jan-2023

Resource Person : Setyo Pambudi Nugroho

Keyword : IPB University, PPLH, PGN