Dry Bath: Solutions for Bathing Without Water, Win Gold at Pimnas 2022

Dry Bath, a waterless bathing solution by IPB University students won a gold medal in the National Student Scientific Week (Pimnas) 2022. Dry Bath is an IPB University Entrepreneurship-Student Creativity Program (PKMK) which was competed in the 35th Pimnas event at Muhammadiyah University Malang.
The student team that created the Dry Bath consisted of Fadila Maulia Suherman, Allisya Zahra Saadiya, Khairunnisa Dwi Rahmadhiani, Muhammad Zacky Prayudha with supervisor Derry Dardanella, STP, MSi from the Vocational School of IPB University.
Fadila said that the appeal of Dry Bath lies in its idea. The idea of rinse-free soap or dry bath is a solution to current problems. Dry Bath makes it easier for users to clean themselves when it is difficult to get clean water.
Regarding this achievement, Fadila said he was proud. “Participating in Pimnas is our honor and pride. In addition, in this activity we gain a lot of experience and relationships that cannot be obtained anywhere else. However, we must be more extra in dividing our time for studying, doing assignments, and participating in Pimnas," she said.
Fadila and the team are proud of the medals they got. All the efforts that have been made resulted in a gold medal.
"I hope we can continue the (Dry Bath) business in the future so that this product can indeed develop. Not just in Pimnas activities. For IPB University itself, my hope is to continue to maintain the Adikarta Kertawidya Cup in the coming years," she concluded. (dh/Zul) (IAAS/MLD)

Published Date : 04-Jan-2023

Resource Person : Fadila Maulia Suherman

Keyword : IPB University, Pimnas, Student Achievement