IPB University Lecturer Returns to Village Activities Successfully Made Six Sukabumi Residents Save Electricity Bills

Several residents in Cikadu Village, Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi, West Java have successfully implemented an electricity-saving program. There were six residents who succeeded in reducing their electricity bills after implementing the tips given by IPB University lecturers.


In the Lecturer Returns to Village activity carried out by Dr Aceng Hidayat, Dr Dewi Sari Putri and Prima Gandhi, SP, MSi which has been held for four months, residents have become aware of how to save electricity.


“Before this activity was carried out, many residents had swollen electricity bills. The electricity saving structure is an innovative energy efficiency practice because it uses simple technology and low cost. So that it can provide benefits for the residents of Cikadu Village, Palabuhanratu Sukabumi District," said Dr Aceng.


He explained, this electricity-saving receipt is defined as a colored household electricity bill accompanied by the total electricity consumption per kWh per month. This receipt is also accompanied by the total power consumption of other residents in one area.


“This is one of the innovations that can be made for the efficient use of electrical energy. The innovation of electricity-saving structures is a combination of the concepts of behavioral economics, electrical energy efficiency, self-control and sustainable development," he added.


From this activity, he added, there were six residents who actually implemented different kWh electricity savings. Structural payments that were previously high have now decreased.


“Residents have reduced their electricity payments because they have used electricity according to the time and do not use electricity continuously. They turn off electrical devices that are no longer in use," he added.


Dr Aceng conveyed that the reduction in electricity payments was because residents had used electricity effectively and efficiently. So that the benefits can be felt directly by residents.


"We hope, not only when there is this activity, residents save electricity, but it needs to be done on an ongoing basis," he said.


Sari Dewi also conveyed the same thing. "Thank you to the residents of Cikadu who have participated in this activity from start to finish. The activity went smoothly. Hopefully it will be useful in the future. Don't forget to always save on electricity usage," she said. (Ang/Zul)

Published Date : 01-Dec-2022

Resource Person : Dr Aceng Hidayat, Dr Sari Putri Dewi dan Prima Gandhi, SP, MSi

Keyword : Saving Electricity, IPB University, Lecturer Returns to Village