Two IPB University Professors Win Metro TV Innovator of The Year

Professor of the Department of Animal Production and Technology (IPTP), Faculty of Animal Science (Fapet) IPB University, Prof Cece Sumantri and Prof Asep Gunawan received the People of the Year 2022 award. This award was given in commemoration of Metro TV's birthday (24/11) at Grand Studio Metro TV, Jakarta.

In the event, Prof Cece Sumantri won an award in the category of Innovator of the Year for Food and Agriculture Technology category. Thanks to his innovation, Prof Cece and his team succeeded in producing a new breed of superior local broiler chickens. This chicken has the ability to grow fast with good quality meat and is resistant to Newcastle disease and salmonella.

Also through this discovery, the local chicken breeding, feed and cultivation industries are well developed. "Initially I submitted the IPB D1 chicken to BIC (Business Innovation Center) 113 National Innovation and several innovation patents from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). Metro TV seems to have seen a track record in the field, especially for IPB D1 chickens," he explained.

The development of the IPB D1 chicken, he continued, involves the community. Namely with Sinar Harapan Farm, Sukabumi which is a training center, the surrounding community and the animal husbandry service in several local governments.
"We developed the IPB D1 chicken farm model from upstream to downstream, from hatching to waste treatment plants. Apart from that, there is innovative research, then there is also the Kedai Reka program. The programs reinforce each other. Everything is well documented, so the judges (Metro TV) are interested," explained Prof Cece.

On this occasion Prof Cece also emphasized that this achievement was not his own work. It's all team work. "I just happened to be the coordinator. The IPB D1 chicken is research-based and has become an institutional chicken, everyone has to be responsible. I am more interested in the research, while the business side is not my competence," he said.

Meanwhile, Prof Asep Gunawan, Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics received an award in the category of Innovator of the year for Information Technology Development. Prof Asep has been conducting research since 2014 to find genomic markers in sheep that can produce premium lamb meat.

In addition, he also invented a grading system for classification in beef cattle breeding. Namely the breeding system that is used to categorize beef cattle breeds (cattle breeds for fattening and cattle breeds for slaughter/sale).

For premium sheep innovation, Prof Asep is improving the quality of his lamb meat so that it becomes premium sheep.
"We improve the flavor odor or smell of runny lamb meat, then select high unsaturated fatty acids and low cholesterol. We also improve the quantity, the meat becomes more tender with a large carcass weight, between 25 to 30 kilograms per head," he explained.

In addition, he continued, the nutritional content of meat such as zinc, iron, selenium and potassium also continues to be improved. For this research, Prof Asep has produced 3 patents, 21 scientific publications, 1 Intellectual Property Right (HKI). For the production and downstream processes, Prof Asep participated in the matching fund program.

"This award is a spirit and also a motivation as well as being able to introduce innovations that have been carried out so far. Hopefully it will become more widely known and can be useful for society. Appreciation for IPB University, research institutes, Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM), Science and Technology Regional Institute (LKST) and faculties which provide space for creativity and innovation competitively. This makes us more resilient to provide the best for the institution," he said. (Femmy/Zul)

Published Date : 25-Nov-2022

Resource Person : Prof Cece Sumantri, Prof Asep Gunawan

Keyword : IPB University, Innovation, Awards