IPB University Launches Regular Serving Students 2022

IPB University through the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) together with the Community Service Center (CSC) and the Student Family Student Executive Board (BEM KM) released 117 students who were involved in the 2022 Regular Student Service. This activity was held at the Andi Hakim Building Nasution, Dramaga Campus, Bogor, some time ago.

This activity was attended by village heads around the campus and also farmers who are partners with the Student Serving Wiramuda. Evi as a representative of farmers from Jasinga Village said that they were greatly helped by the technological innovations delivered through students who went directly to the village.

“We hope that the Student Service activity initiated by LPPM can help farmers in accessing a wider commodity market. This is in line with the obstacles faced, namely difficulties in market access," he said.

Responding to this, the Daily Executor (Plh) of the Head of LPPM IPB University, Dr. Sofyan Sjaf said, "Make this activity a forum for students and the community to disseminate the results of innovation and technology of IPB University to the public. It is hoped that students can apply the thematic knowledge learned in class into an innovation that can benefit the village community.”

In addition to that, the village heads around the campus, in this case represented by the Cibanteng and Purwasari village heads, gave testimony to the community service activities carried out by students in the village. They agreed that student service activities help the community, in particular, farmers in increasing agricultural productivity. However, there are several things that must be considered, such as sustainability and student enthusiasm that must be maintained. Also attending this meeting were Dr. Wahyu Budi Priatna, Baron Noorwendo, and Muhammad Amin as resource persons who presented the material in this activity.

Dr. Wahyu Budi Priatna, MSi, IPB University Vocational School Lecturer conveyed the importance of communication in community service activities. He hopes that there will be a sustainable relationship between students and the community so that they can answer the needs of the community. In addition, students are expected to be able to transmit and present IPB University innovations to the community.

Baron Noorwendo from the Community Concerned for the Environment (WPL) Depok added that in every service program design, the methodology used must be considered. (**/Zul) IAAS/ELS

Published Date : 05-Aug-2022

Resource Person : Dr Wahyu Budi Priatna, MSi, Dr Sofyan Sjaf

Keyword : Regular Serving Students, Wiramuda Serving Students, IPB University