Early Agricultural Education, IPB University KKN-T Students Create FYP Challenge

A total of 10 IPB University students held the Farm Your Pakcoy (FYP) Challenge to provide education to children aged 7-12 years about the proper and correct method of growing vegetables, especially pakcoy plants. This activity is a student program for Real-Thematic Work Lectures at RW 07, Situ Gede Village, Bogor, West Java.

“There are 47 children participating in this socialization and challenge activity. The activity begins with an explanation of the stages of planting pakcoy which is demonstrated by students," said Fadel Hafiz Akbar, one of the IPB University KKN-T students.

Fadel explained, the day before, the children were asked to bring inorganic waste in the form of used plastic bottles measuring 1.5 liters. This bottle will be used as a planting container. The stages of planting pakcoy begin with filling ready-to-use planting media in plastic bottles that have been divided in half.

"The use of plastic bottle planting containers is an educational effort and campaign for children to reuse inorganic waste into something more useful in everyday life," said Fadel.

He explained that each planting medium was planted with one pakcoy seed and watered with sufficient water. Then, the students instructed the children to take care of the plant by watering it twice a day and placing it in a place protected from sun exposure.

Shortly after educating, the children were invited to do the planting independently at the location with planting media and seeds provided by the IPB University KKN-T student group. "In addition to educational activities on pakcoy farming, students also hold a content creation challenge in the form of videos of the growth of pakcoy plants that have been planted from the first day of planting until they are ready to be harvested," said Fadel.

The video, he continued, consists of a collection of photos or videos of plant growth taken by children from the first day until the day the plants are ready to be harvested (about 28-30 days). Videos are uploaded on the TikTok platform, then rated according to their level of creativity. The most creative video maker, will get a reward on judging day.

In addition to the nomination for the most creative video, there are two other nominations, namely the best crop yield and the most creative planting container. The category of the best crop yields was judged by the quality of the pakcoy that grew the best, such as green leaves and many then the stems were erect and all parts of the plant looked fresh. Meanwhile, for the category of the most creative planting container, it can be seen from the creativity of the children in decorating the plastic bottle planting container to make it look more attractive.

“We also routinely conduct monitoring every three to four days until the judging day. This is done to check the growth of pakcoy as well as to discuss together any problems encountered during the maintenance process,” said Fadel. (*) IAAS/SYA

Published Date : 28-Jul-2022

Resource Person : Fadel Hafiz Akbar

Keyword : KKN-T IPB Students, Farm Your Packoy Challenge, Agricultural Education