Dr Megawati Simanjuntak Shares Productive Vacation Tips for Students

Business on campus such as lectures, organization and other activities outside campus often make students complain and get tired quickly because of the lack of rest time. In fact, it is not uncommon for students to feel stressed and bored. To overcome this stress, students usually do self-healing during vacations.

Dr Megawati Simanjuntak, IPB University Lecturer from the Department of Family and Consumer Science, Faculty of Human Ecology said that long holidays should not only be used to recover from fatigue during lectures and restore student enthusiasm. But also, time to do activities that cannot be done in college. According to several studies, stress on students is caused by four factors.

First, interpersonal problems such as conflicts with lecturers, parents and friends sometimes make mental and physical fatigue. It is not uncommon for personal problems such as finances that are often faced by boarding children. Second, intrapersonal problems or stressors caused by the individual himself, such as difficulty managing finances, declining health due to changes in irregular eating and sleeping patterns which also increase stress. Third, academic problems that require students to be more active with a myriad of tasks that accumulate or unsatisfactory academic grades. Fourth, environmental factors that often cause discomfort and hinder students, such as an uncomfortable boarding environment, traffic jams and no time left for vacation.

“When entering the long vacation period, students get up to two months of free time. It should be used, planning made during the holidays that will be able to recharge the spirit and energy so that it is fresh when entering college again," she said.

She added that sometimes students are confused about choosing activities during holidays. This causes students to finally choose to laze around and play gadgets. She advised students to make their vacation more memorable, not just lying down.

“Students must also ensure that all responsibilities have been completed properly, such as matters relating to the final project, organization and others. Furthermore, if you want to leave your residence/boarding house, make sure everything is safe to leave. This needs to be considered so that vacations can be enjoyed without feeling pressured and worried," she added.

According to hers, students must also maintain their health with physical exercise so that the body is more fit. Especially during the holidays, you tend to gain weight because you are not physically active. Vacations can also be used to travel with family and friends to establish and maintain friendship. At the same time clear the mind to be more excited.

To hone non-academic abilities, she added, students can also fill them in by participating in various short trainings according to their interests and talents. Students also increase their interaction with the community through social activities that take place around their place of residence. Students can hang out with PKK or youth groups so that their horizons are open and get real experiences such as Real Work Lectures (KKN). The knowledge gained on campus can be applied in the community so that it has contribution value.

"This activity can also open horizons, enrich experiences, as well as provide memories for students," she said through an interview related to this topic.

She added that the Independence Campus program could also be used for student internships during the holidays. Whether in government or private, or work part time to get real experience. This activity can also be used as a medium to build networks. In fact, students can also take advantage of gadgets and the development of e-commerce to do business. Even without initial capital, students can gain rupiah which is quite profitable, for example selling through the dropship system. (MW/Zul) IAAS/SYA

Published Date : 28-Jul-2022

Resource Person : Dr Megawati Simanjuntak

Keyword : Lecturer of IPB University, tips