Congratulations Prof Sulistiono and Prof Etty Riany For Being The Best Scientist 2022 based on AD Scientific Index

IPB University is back with remarkable achievements in the scientific fields, especially life science through the recognition of its two lecturers as the Top 100 Indonesian Scientists in 2022. The lecturers are listed on world rank by AD Scientific Index (Alper-Doger Scientific Index), namely Prof Sulistiono and Prof Etty Riany from the Department of Aquatic Resources Management, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK) IPB University.

AD Scientific Index’s rank and evaluation system are assessed based on the performance and added value from the scientific productivity of the scientist in the last five years. The main assessments are sourced from their H-Scopus index based on productivity and concrete impact, I10 index indicator, and citations from their publication.

Based on the AD Scientific Index page, it is known that Prof Sulistiono has H-index: 14 with I10 index: 20 and citation: 632. On the other hand, Prof Etty Riani has H-index: 19 with I10 index: 46 and citation: 1186. This incredible achievement made Prof Sulistiono the 77th and Prof Etty Riani the 22nd rank in the Top 100 Scientists of Indonesia in the Life Science fields in 2022.

Along the way, Prof Sulistiono is known for his contribution to community empowerment through local fishery cultivation. His scientific publications on marine ecobiology, fish cultivation, fish conservation, and community empowerment have produced many scientific publications and his research is one concrete form of fulfillment in ecology, socio-economics, entrepreneur, and community aspect.

On the other hand, Prof Etty Riani has a specialty in research and publication focused on ecotoxicology and aquatic resources management. This ecotoxicology expert has published some papers on marine contamination and quality until aquatic resources management. She also actively reviewed many government policies, especially marine-related ones.

Recognition of two scientists of IPB University proves that research from IPB University is bringing positive impacts for the growth of science and community since they can experience the output of research from direct implementation or suggestion for the government’s policy as a proof of the impact.(*)(IAAS/SAF)

Published Date : 21-Jun-2022

Resource Person : Prof Sulistiono, Prof Etty Riani

Keyword : IPB University, lecturers achievement