Alumnus of IPB University Vocational School Won 1st Place for Indonesian Autonomy Women 2022

Gresita Fenny Yohana Siahaan, Alumnus of the Vocational School (SV) IPB University, won 1st Place for the Women of Autonomy Indonesia 2022. Gresita is the first representative from her region, North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra Province. Announcement of the Grand Final of the Indonesian Autonomy Women Election (POI) held in Ciawi, Bogor by the Association of All Indonesian Regency Governments (Apkasi), 21/6.

Reported based on the interview, Gresita expressed her gratitude. "I feel grateful and happy. I was able to win 1st Place and be the first representative from my district. Proud to be able to carry the sweet name of the special district of North Tapanuli and my alma mater, the Vocational School of IPB University," she said.

In this event, Gresita competed with 11 other finalists from all over Indonesia. Gresita passed a series of tests in participating in the election for the Indonesian Autonomy Princess. Among them are administration, interviews, and essay tests. The themed of the essay tests is the insight into regional autonomy, renewable energy, drugs, the four pillars of nationality, tourism, environment, family planning, and others.

"Besides that, daily activities during a series of activities are also an assessment. The determination is seen in the performance at peak night. We will be the representative of regional autonomy that will promote every regional advantage in Indonesia. We are the embodiment of the nation's children who come from the region who can compete at the national level," she added.

The election of Gresita was also accompanied by the presence of the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, John Wempi Wetipo. He was newly appointed as deputy minister by President Joko Widodo. He attends fully to the Putri Autonomy Indonesia 2022 event.

Gresita has high hopes for her achievements in inspiring the younger generation. "With my election as the daughter of Indonesian autonomy, I hope there will be an increase in enthusiasm for the younger generation in the regions to dare to show their abilities at the national level. I also want to promote the advantages of each region in Indonesia in line with the government," she concluded.

While studying at IPB University, Gresita was famous for participating in various activities. Together with her friends, she formed a Public Relations Club (PR Club) on campus and often participated in multiple competitions. (IAAS/INT).

Published Date : 28-Jun-2022

Resource Person : Gresita Fenny Yohana Siahaan

Keyword : Princess of Autonomy, IPB Vocational School alumni achievement