UTBK SBMPTN Wave II at UTBK IPB University Center Begins

IPB University became one of the organizers of the Computer-Based Writing Examination (UTBK) Joint Selection for State Higher Education Entrance (SBMPTN) in 2022. This year, the implementation of UTBK at IPB University lasted for 14 days, located at the Dramaga and Cilibende Campuses.

The implementation of UTBK is divided into two waves. They held the first wave on May 17-23, 2022. And UTBK wave 2 began its performance today, Saturday, May 28, and will end on June 3, 2022.

"IPB University facilitated 19,711 UTBK participants in 2022. With details, 19,132 participants of the Saintek / Soshum exam group and 579 Mixed participants," said Vice-Rector for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Drajat Martianto.

UTBK in 2022, said Prof. Drajat, was implemented while still implementing health protocols.IPB University has prepared a QR Code Peduli Lindungi at each exam location. There are 28 rooms in each exam session. Participants must install a caring application to protect their respective smartphones.

Prof. Drajat also explained the provisions of antigen requirements in implementing UTBK at IPB University this year. For participants who have complete vaccines (vaccine one and vaccine 2) and boosters, there is no need to attach antigen/ PCR swab results.

"For those who have the first and second vaccines, but have not done a booster vaccine, it is mandatory to attach antigen swab results that are valid 1×24 hours," he explained.

He continued that the provisions are different for participants who have not been fully vaccinated or have not been vaccinated. Participants who have just received the first dose of vaccine must attach PCR results that are valid for 3×24 hours.

"As for participants who have not been vaccinated at all, it is mandatory to attach PCR results that are valid 3×24 hours and a doctor's letter from a government hospital that writes the reason for not being vaccinated," he said.

Prof. Drajat also appealed to the participants to comply with the 5M rule. The 5M rule is an effort to anticipate prevention during the pandemic conditions that have not ended at this time.

"We hope that participants will comply in implementing health protocols and following all the rules applied during the implementation of UTBK at IPB University. All these steps are a form of IPB University's commitment and efforts to protect each other, both participants and the organizing committee from the transmission of COVID-19," he explained. (*) (IAAS/ARS)

Published Date : 28-May-2022

Resource Person : Prof Drajat Martianto

Keyword : UTBK, IPB University, SBMPTN