IPB University Research Team Innovates Local Products from Indonesian Herbs to Control Weight

Uncontrolled fat deposit leading to overweight or even obesity can cause serious complications and is the root to multiple issues such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cancer, diabetes, heart disorders, respiratory issues, and joint disorders in geriatric patients. Prof Dyah Iswantini Pradono (Professor of IPB University’s Chemistry Department and researcher at the Tropical Biopharmaceutical Research Center and her research team has discovered a new herbal medicine to overcome obesity with a combination of Garcinia atroviridis (asam gelugur) and Kaempferia galanga (aromatic ginger) extracts.

These herbs have long been used as traditional medicines in Indonesia and Prof Dyah aims to utilize these commodities to innovate a local product. The herbs used in this product are easily found in Indonesia as it is commonly used as cooking spice, flavoring, herbal drinks, and even cosmetics. With extensive research, she has discovered a new formulation from the two herbs which was successful in decreasing body weight.  Dr Novriyandi Hanif who was also involved in the research project explained that flavokavain (the active compound in Kaempferia galanga) in combination with Garcinia atroviridis results in great anti-obesity effects which can reduce fat deposit, especially in the abdominal area. Furthermore, this herbal innovation has been put through toxicity tests and was found to have no adverse side effects.

This research was conducted in collaboration with PT Indofarmaka Tbk. as a research partner who was responsible to produce the raw materials and product upscaling. The product is currently in upscaling process to pilot scale. The company aims reach the optimal point of this product development so that it may reach the appropriate standards. This research has also received funding from the Indonesian Ministry of Finance through the RISPRO (Innovative and Productive Research) program.

The team consists of 11 researchers from multiple departments, including Dr Min Rahminiwati (School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences), Prof Sandra Arifin Aziz, MS (Department of Agronomy and Horticulture), Prof Andreas Santosa (Department of Soil Science and Land Resources), Dr Novriyandi Hanif and Dr Mohammad Rafi (Department of Chemistry), Dr Trivadila (Tropical Biopharmaceutical Research Center), Drh Fitriya Nur Annisa Dewi, PhD (Primate Research Center), Dr Siti Sa’diah MSi, Apt (School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences), dr Mira Dewi, PhD (Department of Community Nutrition), dr Ahani, Sp.PD. (Internist from PMI Bogor Hospital), and Drs Agus Pramono (PT. Indofarma Tbk.)

Published Date : 28-May-2022

Resource Person : Prof Dyah Iswantini Pradono

Keyword : distended stomach, herbal medicine, gelugur acid, pepet key