LKST IPB University Signed Invention Licensing Collaboration with Industrial Partner

The Institution for Science Technology Park (LKST) IPB University continues to encourage the emergence of innovations by involving industrial partners. It was done in the hope of utilizing IPB University's inventions in the local community. LKST IPB University facilitated the signing of the innovation licensing for the collaboration of seaweed-pulp-based cosmetics with PT Rumah Rumput Laut, 27/5.

The technology of cosmetic products made from seaweed is the work of Prof Nurjanah, a Professor from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK) at IPB University. The innovations include hand and body lotion, facial cream, facial mask, lip balm, and pomade.

"This is my dream come true, how this innovation is implemented within the community. Seaweed is one of the commodities with great potential," said Prof Nurjanah.

In addition, continued Prof Nurjanah, the collaboration with PT Rumah Rumput Laut is a step forward in actualizing the vision of IPB University to create entrepreneur graduates. As a matter of fact, PT Rumah Rumput Laut was established by an alumnus of IPB University, Ryan Fachrozan. Through the company, he could open job opportunities for people in the community.

The Vice Rector for Innovation and Business IPB University and The Head of LKST IPB University, Prof Erika B Laconi, said that the collaboration was the right move to make beneficial innovation. She thought that collaboration with the industry could ensure a great multiplier effect.

"Today, there are five products we collaborate. If this continues to improve, I believe that Indonesians, especially mothers, do not need to go to Korea anymore to be pretty and healthy," said Prof Erika.

According to her, beauty products are necessary for every woman. Therefore, she hopes that the innovation of seaweed-based beauty products can continue to thrive so that the multiplier effect increases.

The Dean of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK) IPB University, Prof Fredinan Yulianda, also attended and voiced the same thought. He said that this step was a breakthrough to continue motivating IPB University.

Meanwhile, The Founder of PT Rumah Rumput Laut, Ryan Fachrozan, said that IPB University had many contributions to his company's progress, even when he was still a university student.

"The growth of PT Rumah Rumput Laut is in line with the support from IPB University. Starting from the day I joined the Student Creativity Program (PKM) to the accompaniment of us, startup tenants, by LKST," he added.

Currently, cosmetic products from PT Rumah Rumput Laut have obtained distribution permits from The Indonesian Food and Drug Authority (BPOM) and ongoing halal certification from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). (Rz/Ra) (IAAS/AZZ)

Published Date : 28-May-2022

Resource Person : Prof Nurjanah, Prof Fredinan Yulianda

Keyword : Beauty Products, Seaweed, Skin Care, IPB Innovation