One Village One CEO Program Assisted Village of IPB University Wins KBA DSA Innovation 2022 Award from Astra

IPB University once again achieved achievements for the programs and innovations developed. Two villages assisted by IPB University's One Village One CEO (OVOC) program won the Astra Berseri Village and Astra Sejahtera Village (KBA DSA) Innovation 2022 awards, 19/4. PT Astra Internasional together with the Ministry of Agriculture; The Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration gave the award at the 2022 DSA KBA Festival.

This award is Astra's appreciation to partners for the innovations that are presented to the community in Astra's four pillar contribution programs. IPB University is one of Astra's partners in driving the KBA DSA program to develop rural potential in Indonesia.

The village under the OVOC program of IPB University and Astra, namely DSA Kopi Cikajang, Garut won first place in the DSA Coffee category. DSA Kopi Cikajang is part of DSA in Garut Regency which includes four villages namely Cikidang, Margamulya, Simpang, and Mekarsari which are gathered in the Bumdes with Kijang. The flagship product of Bumdesma Kijang is export quality coffee.

Previously, DSA Kopi Cikajang had exported two containers of Arabica and Robusta coffee weighing 40 tons worth four billion rupiah to several countries. The destination countries are Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, and England.

In the OVOC and DSA synergy program, students also provide assistance to the community for six months on cultivation to coffee processing. Through this program, IPB University helps the community through coffee development, assistance with facilities and infrastructure, training and mentoring as well as institutional strengthening, especially Bumdes and cooperatives.

In addition to DSA Kopi Cikajang, DSA Purwabakti Bogor and DSA Sukanagalih Cianjur assisted by OVOC IPB University also won second place in the category of DSA Agriculture, Livestock, and Processed Food. Purwabakti village is a member of the Bumdes Bersama (Bumdesma) Bumi Asih Kahuripan Maju, Bogor Regency. The superior products from Bumdesma are low-glycemic rice, instant liwet rice, and new rice that comes from rice that has just been harvested by farmers.

Meanwhile, Sukanagalih Village, Cianjur, is a member of the Independent Main Blessing Bumdes, Cianjur Regency. The superior products offered are Goathai, fertilizer from goat manure, roasted husks, and potery plants. These two villages have produced various products that are also of export value so that they can advance the village and farmers.

IPB University's Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Drajat Martianto, proudly accepted the two awards. On this occasion, the export kick-off was also carried out for 15 coffee containers, 10 charcoal containers, and two palm sugar containers worth 6.85 billion rupiah. Prof. Drajat Martianto together with the Rector of IPB University, Prof. Arif Satria were also speakers in the Webinar and Talkshow on Village Sustainability. (MW/Ra)

Published Date : 23-Apr-2022

Resource Person : Prof Drajat Martianto

Keyword : One Village One CEO, Cikajang coffee, IPB award, IPB innovation, IPB OVOC, IPB achievement