Click@ Toothpaste, Invention of IPB University Researcher, Selected as Top 113 Innovations in Indonesia by BIC

A new innovation invented by IPB University research team prevents caries by reviewing toothpaste formulation. This innovation, which resulted in the Click@ toothpaste product, has made the list of 113 Innovations in Indonesia by the Business Innovation Center (BIC). Their product was featured within the 113 innovations after being selected amongst 4.232 innovators who had proposed as many as 6.000 proposals. The research is titled “Biodent: Toothpaste Fortified with Nano Hydroxyapatite and Active Ingredient Curcuma aerogynosa”. The research reviewed the problem of high caries cases in Indonesian children and led to the conclusion that there needs to be fortification in toothpaste formula using an active ingredient with properties of caries prevention.

The team’s Head Researcher, Dr Yessie Widya Sari from IPB University’s Department of Physics, explained that the name of the registered product written in the published article on BIC’s website has now changed to Click@. This was due to its commercialization process and marks the beginning of Click@ toothpaste’ journey in competing with other toothpaste product available in the market.

Besides Dr Yessie, the research team is composed of five people who are Dr Wulan Tri Wahyuni and Prof Irmanida Batubara, lecturers of IPB University’s Chemistry Department, Prof Y Aris Purwanto, lecturer of IPB University’s Department of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Nur Aisyah Nuzulia, M.Si, lecturer of IPB University’s Department of Physics, and Dr Dikky Indrawan from IPB University’s School of Business.

The toothpaste product offered by Dr Yessie has the main advantage of preventing caries. She explained that the use of hydroxyapatite with nano sizes are effective in replacing calcium and phosphate which has been eroded from the teeth’s email. Its combination with the active ingredient Curcuma aerogynosa is effective to prevent the formation of plaques as it has antibacterial and antibiofilm properties. This antibacterial property has similar function with the synthetic ingredient found in mouth and dental products which are widely available in the market.

Dr Yessie explained that there are currently no commercially available toothpaste products with Curcuma aerogynosa as its active ingredient. Its unique nano hydroxyapatite and Curcuma aerogynosa combination comes entirely from local sources, ensuring the product’s independency from import supplies. Once the product has been commercialized (planned to be launched in 2023) Dr Yessie hopes that it will help her achieve their research goal of decreasing caries cases in Indonesia.

Published Date : 23-Apr-2022

Resource Person : Dr Yessie Widya Sari

Keyword : toothpaste, IPB innovation, IPB lecturer, IPB work, tartar