Head of IPB University Disaster Study Center Visits Landslide Site in Desa Petir

Head of disaster study center, Institute for Research and Community Services IPB University, Dr Doni Yusri visits Kampung Cibeureum, Desa Petir, Dramaga, Bogor where became the site of the landslide some time ago. During this visit, Dr. Doni provides education or suggest related to rehabilitation activities and also mitigation of this geographical disaster.

The arrival of Dr. Doni to the one of the circle village of Kampus IPB Dramaga is an invitation from Head of Desa Petir. According to the Head of Desa Petir, the main problem from this landslide disaster is the result of overflowing water from waterways or culverts that pass through villages and village road.

“This waterways is located higher than the point of landslide occur. High rain intensity accompanied by strong winds resulting in overflow of water can not be accommodated by drainage that is very small. So that, the overflow of water from high places resulted landslides and covered the flow of rivers that passed the village in Desa Petir” explained Village Chief.

Responding to that, Dr. Doni Yusri explained that  the mitigation and handling of flood disaster should be focused on controlling the utilization of riverbanks. In addition, it is also necessary to control the process of land acquisition, development budgeting and the authority of each institution.

“It does need the involvement of several parties to provide this mitigation solution. Studies need to be done, but real action from various institution and the community must be done quickly.  This is because along riverbanks many changes from existing land cover” he explained.

Moreover, Dr.Doni explained that the studies conducted could be with a disaster risk management approach. Studies and action are needed to reduce the likelihood of disaster or reduce the power of damage to disaster that can not be avoided. 

Dr. Doni hopes that there is one mentoring activity that can be done together for the local village community.

“Basically people who live near or around the river flow are aware with the risk of danger and loss posed by flood disasters. However there are still many people who still insist on living in the vulnerable area.  Even if the impact of flood disasters is experienced not only once, it is still difficult to relocate to a location that is safer from flood hazards” he added. (IAAS/GHN)

Published Date : 10-Jan-2022

Resource Person : Dr Doni Yusri

Keyword : Flood, Landslide, IPB University, Institute for Research and Community Services, Disaster Study Center