IPB University Young Expert Librarian Wins First Place in Competitive Research Grant Presenter

Raden Wahyudin, SSos, MIKom (47 years old) won first place as the best presenter and presenter at the Seminar on Competitive Grant Research Results for Educational Staff for Functional Positions of Librarians at IPB University level in 2021.

In this activity held by the Directorate of Human Resources (HR), Wahyu made an innovative work entitled: “Research Trends for IPB University Lecturers in 2016-2020 Published in the Scientific Journal of IPB University based on the Universal Decimal Classification, A Study Bibliometrics".

Wahyu currently serves as Coordinator for the Utilization of Library Collections who has been active and dedicated in the IPB University Library for 22 years, since 1999. "The motivation for participating in competitive grant research is due to the demands of librarianship duties for the professional development of librarian positions," he explained.

According to him, being the best presenter and presenter is a gift that has never been thought of before. He said that presenting research results in a seminar paper and presenting it well is not as easy as turning the palm. It takes time and concentration to think sufficiently and seriously.

As a librarian, Wahyu's daily duties are in the library service, coordinating, processing circulation services (borrowing-returning), structuring collections, reception and security of library collections, as well as making librarian statistics.

“I am proud and happy to work as a librarian. The librarian profession has given me the best for my life and life. So that I can increase my motivation to learn and forge myself as well as introspect to always be enthusiastic in doing librarianship tasks,” he said.

As a librarian, Wahyu advised not to get tired of studying and serving the users as well as possible. "Make the librarian profession a prima donna profession that every user yearns for. In addition, librarians must be patient, diligent, and painstaking in dealing with users who always expect excellent service," he added.
It is hoped that the success that has been achieved so far can spur and trigger him to be able to do even better for the development of the librarian profession and the progress of the work unit.

“With the motto, scientific knowledge - natural charity. This means that having knowledge must be clear, the source can be accounted for and can be proven scientifically, also practice the knowledge you have according to the level of ability and potential you have, there is no need to make it up," he said. (Awl/Zul) (IAAS/YHY)

Published Date : 12-Nov-2021

Resource Person : Raden Wahyudin, SSos, MIKom

Keyword : Librarian, Librarian, IPB University, Competitive Grant Research