DPPTP IPB University Gives Awards to 10 Lecturers with the Most Innovative Teaching Materials

The Directorate of Educational Technology and Program Development (DPPTP) IPB University held the 2021 Learning Innovation Competition Grant (HKIP). Located at the IPB International Convention Center (IICC), the HKIP event was held last week. At this event, awards were given to 10 subject teachers (MK) with innovative learning designs.

The ten lecturers are Prof. Deni Noviana (MK of Veterinary Radiology), Dr. Siti Amanah (MK of Extension and Communication of Innovation), Dr. Lina Noviyanti Sutardi (MK of
General Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Preparations), Harsi Dewantari (HACCP Court for Food Safety Control), Dr Dase Hunaefi (MK Food Processing Integrated Practicum), Dr I Made Sumertajaya (MK Statistics and Data Analysis), Dr Dwi Rachmina (Agribusiness Financing Court), Dr Popong Nurhayati (MK Business Opportunity Analysis), Kania Sofiantina MPar (MK Design and Creative Ecotourism), and Trivadila (MK Chemistry Science and Technology).

“There are 39 MKs that have registered in HKIP activities. And 34 MKs managed to deliver the Learning Innovation Design (RIP) well," said Ir Lien Herlina, MSc as Director of PPTP IPB University in his introduction.

According to him, the purpose of this HKIP activity is to facilitate the development of interesting learning innovations for students as tomorrow's people in developing themselves to achieve their competencies. In addition, to integrate immersive learning innovation technology in the perspective of building 21st century competence and skill sets through 9 (nine) channels of MBKM Learning Activity Forms, case-based learning, problem-based learning, project-based learning, and collaborative learning.

“It is also hoped that this HKIP activity will become a momentum for MK Supporters to be able to prepare Semester Learning Plans/Online Learning Plans (RPS/RPD) that reflect the journey and learning experiences of students in achieving CPMK (Course Learning Outcomes). This activity will be carried out more regularly as a form of contribution to the achievement of the Main Performance Index (IKU) 7 so that the Learning Room becomes Collaborative and Participatory," added Dr Kaswanto as the organizing committee.

He added that the selected 10 MK supervisors were invited to present their innovation results and then were given criticism and suggestions from the Curator Team so that their Teaching Documents would be better. These 10 MK supervisors will later present the results of their innovations to all IPB University lecturers.

“All course instructors will later follow the Coaching Clinic to perfect the teaching documents. Starting from Semester Learning Plans (RPS), Online Learning Plans (RPD), to the Assessment Rubric which will later be presented as the forerunner to IPB University's Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), "he added.

Dr. Kaswanto explained that the process of assessing the design of innovation learning courses includes Completeness of RPS/RPD and Assessment Rubric, Completeness of learning materials 16 times in the Learning Management System (LMS), Diversity in the use of Moodle LMS features, Implementation of Problem Based Learning/Project Based Learning (PBL) /PjBL) and Case Based Learning (CBL), Industry Based Learning (IBL) Designs for Vocational Schools, and Excellence/novelty of learning innovation designs. The entire assessment process is carried out based on the curation assessment rubric that has been prepared by the Curator Team.

“Grant activities like this will continue to be developed next year and other grants have been socialized in the MOOCs Embryo Collaborative Learning Grant (HPKEM) scheme. The registration process has started now. Meanwhile, the implementation will start from January 3 to April 29, 2022. All lecturers who support courses are invited to participate,” said Dr Drajat Martianto as Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs closing the 2021 HKIP agenda. (SWP/Zul) (IAAS/SYA)

Published Date : 25-Nov-2021

Resource Person : Dr Kaswanto

Keyword : MBKM, CBL, PBL, PjBL, Innovation, IPB University