IPB University Startup School to Produce Technosociopreneur Alumni

IPB University is now presenting a Startup School for students. IPB University's Startup School is an effort to increase capacity and foster an entrepreneurial spirit in students.

In the Startup School of IPB University, students will be directed to have entrepreneurial independence based on technosociopreneurship.

Also at this Startup School, students will be taught to develop an understanding and awareness of entrepreneurship. The concept of understanding in question includes the basic concepts, characteristics, and learning objectives of entrepreneurship by utilizing innovation and technology. Utilization of this technology to increase added value and provide economic, social, and environmental impacts.

Handian Purwawangsa, Assistant Director of Career Development, Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development of IPB University explained, with the presence of this startup school, students are expected to be able to internalize values and attitudes in entrepreneurship such as work ethic, achievement motives, independence, creativity, and decision-making skills.

"Students are expected to be able to apply the character and ethos of entrepreneurship widely through formal, informal, and non-formal education paths," said the person in charge of the Startup School of IPB University.

Furthermore, he explained, students who are members of the Startup School of IPB University will receive insight training about the startup world directly by the experts. In fact, the team with the chosen startup idea will receive capital funding. It doesn't stop there, after getting the funding the selected team will be accompanied intensively for three months and so on periodically.

The Startup School initiated by IPB University, he said, is the implementation of the Merdeka Belajar (Freedom to Learn), Kampus Merdeka (Independent Campus) Learning program, also known as MBKM. Therefore, students who participate in it can use Startup School activities to fulfill semester credit units (SKS).

In order to implement the MBKM policy, IPB University has made a guide for the implementation of the K2014-K2020 Multiactivity Enrichment Course (EC) or Supporting Course (SC). This guide can be used as a guide in recognition and equalization of Startup School activities.

"Code of competence that can be equated to entrepreneurial activities in EC/SC Multiactivity includes the Entrepreneurship and Leadership and Community Service clusters," said Dr Alim Setiawan Slamet, as Director of Student Affairs and Career Development of IPB University.

He also explained that the Startup School participants were active students of IPB University from both undergraduate and vocational schools. Participants are members of teams of two to five people. Proposing students can come from the same study program or from different study programs. However, it is recommended that students come from different semesters so that there is continuity in the business being carried out.

The program proposed by the team is required to be relevant to the field of science of the group leader or member of the proposing group and each student proposing can only send a maximum of one business field either as chairman or group member.

"The proposed categories or business fields can come from the production and cultivation, food and beverage, creative industries, services and trade sectors, as well as technology," said M Isbayu AMd as the coordinator of the Startup School IPB University.

He explained, Startup School consists of two activities, namely training and mentoring. The training is carried out using the concepts of online, offline, and a combination of the two (online-offline hybrid). While mentoring is in the form of student activities in carrying out program activities, communicating with the team, being guided by lecturers using virtual digital facilities and direct meetings by implementing health protocols (SWP) (IAAS/ATS)

Published Date : 13-Oct-2021

Resource Person : Dr Alim Setiawan Slamet, Handian Purwawangsa

Keyword : Business, IPB, Students, Sociopreneur, Startup