IPB University and Open University Collaboration Holds ICE Institute Socialization and Embryo Massive Online Open Courses

The Directorate of Educational Program and Technology Development (DPPTP) IPB University held a hybrid "MOOCs Embryo IPB University and ICE Institute Socialization" activity, Friday (22/10). This activity is a collaboration between IPB University and the Open University in a consortium with 14 other universities in the Indonesia Cyber Education Institute (ICE-I). The purpose of this activity is to discuss the embryos of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) of IPB University. And also the socialization of ICE Institute activities and their plans for the odd semester of 2021/2022.

Ir Lien Herlina, MSc as Director of PPTP IPB University opened the activity. He said that the MOOCs program had long been initiated and had been designed for a long time. Its essence is to open access to knowledge so that learning resources are available, along with very fast technological advances.

“So that these MOOCs will become a community need that does not block learning resources. With the pandemic, the traffic of knowledge in cyberspace becomes flooded. For that we need a curator to maintain quality,” he said.

He explained that IPB University is one of the founders of the ICE Institute consortium. The ICE Institute activity at IPB University has been running for one semester and was attended by various students throughout Indonesia.

In his Opening Speech, Dr Drajat Martianto as the Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs at IPB University said that there was an extraordinary synergy between universities within the ICE Institute. So IPB University sees it as a potential to make it happen according to the Strategic Plan of IPB in the form of MOOCs Education for Millennials.

"Currently there are 11 IPB university courses that have been running. So that next semester, it is hoped that more will join, while still being oriented towards quality as something important,” he continued.

The UT speaker from the ICE Institute, Prof. Paulina Pannen, explained clearly about the important role of this education marketplace. The ICE Institute was inaugurated on July 28, 2021 by the Director General of Higher Education, but the initiation has been going on since 2017. The ICE Institute provides Courses Gallery, Microcredentialing/Digital Badges, Transferable Credit, Flexible Learning, to link it to the Job Market.

"The ICE Institute's value proposition includes affordable online learning, a collection of quality Indonesian and English courses, open access and flexible learning with blockchain digital credentials," he said.

The role of the ICE Institute also intersects with the Independent Learning Campus policy. Online learning is conducted using the EdX platform. The latest breakthrough was made for good consolidation in the form of ICE-I Moodle Farm.

According to him, the ICE Institute has also carried out the curation process or Quality Assurance (QA) Toolkit. IPB University lecturers who will register their courses will be socialized about this toolkit.

There are three IPB University courses that are most in demand, namely Business Opportunity Analysis (MK) Courses, MK Business Decision Making Instruments, and MK Food Ecology and Nutrition. A total of 263 IPB University students have taken some of these courses at the PT Consortium. Meanwhile, students from outside IPB University can only be accepted in the even semester of January 2022. (MW/Zul)


Published Date : 23-Oct-2021

Resource Person : Dr Drajat Martianto

Keyword : Directorate of Educational Technology and Program Development (DPPTP), Cyber Education Institute (ICE-I), Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) IPB University, Merdeka Learn Campus Merdeka