IPB University Vocational School Lecturer Teaches Chili Cultivation in Sukabumi Campus Communities

Lecturers in the Vocational School of IPB University also introduced chili cultivation in the yard of the house for the people of Sindangpalay Village, Cibeureum District, Sukabumi City. "We disseminate ornamental chili peppers to invite the community around the IPB Sukabumi campus to help improve family food security," said Law, MSi, IPB University lecturer from the Seed Industrial Technology Study Program, Vocational School.

In addition, he said, this activity can also help realize precision village development which includes the goals of the 2nd Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) pillar: Zero Hunger or no hunger and the increasing acceptance from the community has supported the 1st SDGs goal, namely No Poverty. or without poverty.

Meanwhile, Uding Sastrawan, MSi explained, chili plants were chosen because they are suitable for urban farming which has a fairly high economic value with large and wide market opportunities. "Chili plants can grow in the lowlands to the highlands, chili cultivation is not limited to rice fields or fields, but to meet household needs, chili can be planted in the yard of the house in polybags, pots or other media," said Uding Sastrawan, MSi. , IPB University lecturer from the Agribusiness Management Study Program, Vocational School.

Furthermore, he explained, chili plants not only produce fruit for consumption, but can also use the aesthetic value of ornamental chili plants. The ornamental chili plants in question are Nazla chili from IPB University. Not only that, chili plants also have quite interesting business opportunities.

Regarding chili productivity, Sulassih, M.Si said, high productivity of chili plants needs to be cultivated properly and properly. He explained that chili cultivation begins with seed provision, plant maintenance, and post-harvest handling.

"The use of quality seeds reflects the quality of plants physically, genetically, physiologically and pathologically," said Sulassih, SP, M.Si, a lecturer at IPB University from the Seed Industry Technology Study Program, Vocational School. (RA) (IAAS/SYA)

Published Date : 23-Oct-2021

Resource Person : Uding Sastrawan, MSi, Sulassih, M.Si

Keyword : urban farming, chili cultivation, ornamental chili, local economy