Improving Innovation Commercialization, IPB University Held an FGD on Innovation Implementation

The Institute for Science and Technology Area (LKST) IPB University held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) for the Innovation Implementation Program, (21/9). This activity is LKST's effort to scale up and commercialize IPB University innovations through the Funding Innovation Implementation Program from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

“This effort is a form of IPB University's seriousness so that inventions can be immediately utilized and felt by the community. Hopefully this opportunity can be utilized as well as possible," said Deputy Head of LKST IPB University for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Dr Tri Prartono.

Furthermore, Assistant for Business Incubators, Deva Primadia Almada, explained, "The program participants in one group consisted of maximum three people, consisting of researchers or inventors, startups or industrial partners and other teams."

Deva said that another requirement is that startups and industrial partners must have experience in developing a business for at least one year. These industrial partners must also have areas of focus according to the proposed invention. Not only that, industrial partners are also not receiving funding, sourced from the APBD/APBN, from other places in the same year (2021).

“This program is a competitive one, at least four innovations will be selected. Two innovative inventors with startups and two inventors with industry," explained Prof. Erika Budiarti Laconi, Deputy Rector of IPB University for Innovation and Business / Head of LKST IPB University.

This Professor of IPB University from the Faculty of Animal Science also added that the maximum amount of funds that will be obtained was Rp. 100 million.

In this event, inventors are given the opportunity to present their inventions. Then proceeded with the presentation of the business profile of the startup partner and the startup partner's interest in the inventions that have been described previously.

The output of this activity is expected to be a proposed activity that is prepared together by inventors and startups. "Through this innovation implementation program, it is hoped that it will increase the number of products and technology produced, and can immediately be utilized by the community," said Dr Rokhani Hasbullah, Deputy Head of LKST for Business Incubators and Industrial Partnerships.

In addition, said Dr Rokhani, pilot plant facilities and quality analysis laboratories and pre-clinical tests can be optimized. Especially for the development of functional beverage products and bioscience products. (stpipb) (IAAS/ATS)

Published Date : 24-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Dr Rokhani, Deva Primadia Almada

Keyword : IPB innovation, commercialization of innovation, sales of innovation, business partners, IPB lecturers