The excitement of the Ornamental Plants Business Talk at IPB University

Sapa Agrianita, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University, presented the ornamental plant business talk "Turning Hobbies into Business Opportunities", (21/09). This Business Talk brings experts in the field of ornamental plants to share inspirational stories. Especially for members of Agrianita IPB University who have a hobby of growing ornamental plants.

Retna Widayawati, Chair of Agrianita IPB University, said that this activity shows the role of the campus in advancing the ornamental plant business. It is hoped that this knowledge can be built and transmitted to members of Agrianita IPB University.

"But how can this hobby, a hobby that has plagued all of us in Agrianita, be able to gradually lift it, we can cultivate it to be further developed in a more serious business," she said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sugiyanta, Dean of Faperta IPB University welcomed the gathering activity which was also a place to share knowledge. He sees the Agrianita IPB University organization as a productive and extraordinary organization.

"Agrianita's role is expected to continue to improve the knowledge and expertise of fellow members as part of the Faculty of Agriculture," said Dr. Sugiyanta.

Imadudin, Owner of CV Tiara Nursery who is also an Alumnus of IPB University, shared his story about the ornamental plant business that he started 15 years ago. Now, his grocery business has expanded into a greenhouse. Imadudin admitted, his business started with minimal capital, but now the monthly turnover reaches 150 million rupiahs.

"Hobby is not spending money but making money," he said. With this hobby, Imadudin has two advantages, namely fulfilling his hobby and having economic value.

Meanwhile, Redi Fajar Kurniawan, Owner of RAV House PT Ravindo Sukses Mulia also decided to become an ornamental plant entrepreneur because he saw global trends. According to him, the trend of ornamental plants is being targeted by consumers. He started small marketing through social media and marketplaces, until becoming an exporter in 2018.

Based on this success, he intensified marketing through media. Currently, he has several nurseries at Pondok Bitung Sukamantri, Teaching Farm at IPB University, and a Plant Shop in Bandung.

He said the high demand motivated him to build a tissue culture laboratory for supply continuity. This is what distinguishes entry-level and higher-level businessmen. The price of ornamental plants produced is also higher and in terms of aesthetics, it is more beautiful. Quarantine regulations for ornamental plant commodities are also considered not difficult.

"The government also has a free program (three-export movement), all of their agricultural commodities are encouraged for the three-export movement, namely industry, volume and value, they are very supportive for this export," he added.

Dr. Awang Maharijaya, Head of the Center for Tropical Horticultural Studies of IPB University, said that IPB University has collaborated with Tiara Nursery to build a teaching industry in Sukamantri. The direction is for research and education purposes.

The integration of the nursery with the teaching industry is important to secure assets. Involving students for research and internships in supporting MBKM (Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka). After the collaboration was accepted, within a year the shape and standard of the nursery looked much better. The Teaching Industry or Experimental Garden of IPB Sukamantri is also open to collaboration with other IPB University alumni.

"Actually, for us, it's not pure business cooperation, because we are a university, of course, what we really hope for is leverage for conducting research, education and improving students' soft skills before graduating or becoming a business incubator for new graduates," he explained. (MW) (IAAS/NRB)

Published Date : 24-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Dr Sugiyanta, Dr Awang Maharijaya, Retna Widayawati

Keyword : Greet Agrianita Faperta (Faculty of Agriculture) IPB, ornamental plants, agricultural business, export of ornamental plants, alumni of IPB