Prof. Niken Ulupi Explains the Cause of Chicken Egg Prices Dropped

Recently, the price of chicken eggs has fallen which has an impact on losses for farmers. Seeing this phenomenon, Prof. Niken Ulupi, a livestock expert from IPB University said that there had been an imbalance between supply and demand for chicken eggs.

"A bad influence due to it is some smallholder farmers or independent breeders have started to close their businesses. If this problem not addressed immediately, the community will experience a food crisis, especially chicken eggs as a highly nutritious food source of animal protein”, she said.

The price of eggs in several regions in Indonesia, such as Blitar, reaches IDR 13,000/kg. This price is very far compared to the price of eggs in Bogor or Jakarta which is still in the range of IDR 22,000/kg.

She explained that the imbalance between supply and demand could be caused by the many new businesses in the laying hens sectorThe construction of a closed house for commercial laying hens and the treatment of restrictions on community activities contributed to a large decline in egg demand.

She suggested that all business actors in the field of commercial laying hens should not only understand cultivation techniques. However, farmers are required to concentrate more and ensure the market share that is the goal of their business before starting the business.

"Starting a commercial laying hen business with a partnership pattern can be a solution, because with this pattern the balance of supply and demand can be closer”, she added.

She hopes that this phenomenon will not be repeated in the future. One of the efforts to maintain the stability of egg prices can be done by establishing an egg processing industry, especially in production centers.

Meanwhile, another thing is to reduce and stabilize the price of corn, which is the largest component of chicken feed. This effort can help independent farmers.

"Thus, the government's active role is very much needed in maintaining the stability of corn prices and the availability of the needed corn supply", she closed. (SMH) (IAAS/DR)


Published Date : 20-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Prof Niken Ulupi

Keyword : Egg prices, Egg prices dropped, Corn feed, IPB lecturers