IPB University Students Win the Competition with the Idea of Sustainable Mine Reclamation

The post sand and andesite mining landscape of 4.7 hectares located in Rumpin, Bogor, has experienced land degradation. In fact, this area has undergone topographical changes due to open-pit mining activities.

As an effort to restore the land, four IPB University students proposed a solution in the form of landscape design by applying the concept of sustainable design. They are Nisrina Alissabila, Annisa Laini Hakima, Iim Patriya, and Khairani Rizki Septini. They are students of IPB University from Landscape Architecture Department, Faculty of Agriculture.

They proposed landscape design ideas for environmental restoration on post-andesite and sand mining land. The proposed idea is to develop an Eco-Park named "Rumpin Quarry Eco-Park".

"By paying attention to the three main pillars of sustainable design (people, planet, profit), we hope to restore these landscape ecosystem services through improving environmental quality and biodiversity aspects", said Nisrina as a team representative.

She explained that their ideas are potentials for eco-park recreation facilities development. They also discussed about community welfare and the local economy aspects that were integrated in their design.

Through this idea, they won the 2021 Environment Day Competition in Land Recovery category. This competition is organized by Directorate General of Pollution and Environmental Damage Control, Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

"We hope that our ideas and innovations can actually contribute to environmental recovery and can be an inspiration for both government agencies and field practitioners”, she added.

They hope that the sustainability aspects of environmental, social, economic, and aesthetic restoration can continue to be integrated in the development process. In this way, inclusive and sustainable infrastructure and environment can be created. This is because a good public infrastructure is an asset that plays an important role in the welfare of the community and the resilience of an area. (SMH) (IAAS/DR)

Published Date : 24-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Nisrina Alissabila, Annisa Laini Hakima, Iim Patriya, Khairani Rizki Septini

Keyword : KLHK, IPB Students, Achievements, Land Recovery, Mine Reclamation, Sustainable Landscapes