Launches Village Government School, IPB University Encourages Ade Yasin to Become a Village Development Mother

IPB University in collaboration with the Bogor Regency Government officially launched the Village Government School. The inauguration of this program was carried out by the Regent of Bogor, Ade Yasin at the Auditorium of the Regional Secretariat of Bogor Regency, 13/9. The Village Government School is a place for capacity building for village officials, both village heads, and young people in the village.

“The material given is contextual material. There will be public lectures from national figures. Then the material is about governance, information and communication technology and how to produce precise planning from precise data," said Deputy Head of Community Service, Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) IPB University, Dr Sofyan Sjaf during the inauguration of the Village Government School. .

On that occasion, Dr Sofyan also appreciated the steps taken by the Bogor Regent in village development in Bogor Regency. He also encouraged Ade Yasin as the Village Development Mother. As Ade Yasin told him, now there are no more disadvantaged villages in Bogor Regency. According to her, this was a big foundation to encourage villages in Bogor Regency as pilot villages that can answer the challenges of The New Economics Growth.

“It is extraordinary that this is the struggle of the Regent of Bogor, Ade Yasin and the Bogor Regency Government who are focused on building their villages. The character of the Regent of Bogor can enlighten Indonesia, because it is very difficult for us to find a regional head who really wants to focus on village development. IPB University will encourage the Bogor Regent to become the Village Development Mother," said Dr Sofyan.

Therefore, continued Dr. Sofyan, IPB University as a university that has concerns in agriculture and rural areas, will be committed to assisting Bogor Regency in carrying out village development.
"Hopefully what has been carried out by the Regent of Bogor, will become an important part as an example that can be imitated for the development of villages in Indonesia," said Dr Sofyan Sjaf.

Meanwhile, to IPB University, the Regent of Bogor, Ade Yasin revealed that the problems of development in the village so far are the limited information, technological knowledge and the capacity of the apparatus in village governance. Data processing is still done manually and planning is still based on estimates.

“Thank you to IPB University for facilitating us to organize a Village Government School. This Village Government School was held so that we all understand that building a village is not only based on existing capabilities, but must continue to be improved. Planning must be based on precise data so that the results are also precise,” explained Ade Yasin. (Rz/Zul) (IAAS/AML)

Published Date : 15-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Dr Sofyan Sjaf, Ade Yasin

Keyword : Village Government School, Bogor Regency Government, Ade Yasin, IPB University